Make Nutritious Apple, Carrot And Ginger Juice In 3 Simple Steps
Image Credit: Unsplash

Carrot Apple Ginger Juice is a terrific place to start if you've never juiced before. Not quite as terrifying as dousing yourself in green juice (which is also delicious, but baby steps). The flavours in this juice are all light and subdued; it has a touch of sweetness, a touch of tartness, and a tinge of zing. This juice is surprisingly tasty and refreshing for only having three core ingredients. People enjoy the ginger's spicy flavour; feel free to add more or less, as desired and if you don’t prefer ginger, simply omit it or add a small amount of it to your juice.


What you'll need to prepare this apple, carrot, and ginger juice is relatively self-explanatory. The nutritional components you'll need to make this juice recipe in a blender are listed below.

 1 apple

 2 carrots (peeled)

 A good knob of ginger (peeled)

 ½ lemon

 Water to blend

How To Make Apple, Carrot And Ginger Juice

  1. In a high-speed blender (or ordinary blender), combine all of the ingredients and blend until smooth.
  2. Strain the combined mixture through a nut milk bag or fine sieve to remove the pulp. Place a nut milk bag in a large pot or basin and pour the carrot/apple mixture through the bag. Squeeze the bag with your hands until all of the juice has been extracted and just the pulp remains.
  3. Pour the freshly squeezed juice into two glasses and serve.

Storage Instructions

It is best to consume your homemade juice immediately after producing it because it will be the freshest. If you add an acid, such as lemon juice in this example, you can keep your homemade juice in the fridge for approximately a day. It is not recommended to store the juice for any longer than that as it will also degrade the quality of the juice along with its taste which is not pleasant.