Make Flawless Croissants Using These Tips

What comes to your mind when you think of something warm, buttery, and flaky? Croissant it is, isn’t it? Freshly baked and straight from the oven croissants can show us a really good time. Did you know that croissants date back to somewhere in the 13th century? Even after such a long time, they haven’t lost their charm but have gained much popularity.  

It is delicious and tempting but making it is quite a tricky process. No matter what recipe you are following, there are some things that should be taken care of.  From keeping the dough and butter chilled so the layers stay together for a perfect bake to using the right butter, the technical process, art, and refined techniques of making croissants could be complicated. As croissants are readily available and easy to make, they are definitely not easy to make. Let us know about tips that can help you make flawless croissants. Are you ready?? 

Tip 1 

It is often advised to use high-protein flour in order to get the dough right. One should also combine flour, yeast, sugar, salt, milk, and water in the bowl of a stand mixer using a dough hook attachment and should start this step 24 hours before serving.  

Tip 2 

Butter is one of the key ingredients in croissants and thus, one should use high-quality butter. It also advised that throughout this process, the dough and butter both should be kept chilled. This will prevent yeast from producing gases during lamination.  

Tip 3 

The process of making croissant layers is called laminating. In this, butter is folded into the dough multiple times for creating alternating layers of butter and dough. This step is crucial in the process to ensure the steam effectively lifts the layers apart during baking. In order to enhance the flaky, weightless, and buttery layers, it is essential that extra care and attention are paid during the process. 

Tip 4 

While placing the croissants on the parchment paper, even space should be given. One should proof croissants in an oven with the light turned on until they have doubled in size. One should stay patient instead of rushing this step. 

These were some tips that can actually help you in acing the art of perfect croissants. Try them and see the difference. On this happy note, let us share the recipe of croissants just for you! Have a look and thank us later!