‘Make Dhaniya India’s National Herb,’ Says Ranveer Brar; Do You Agree?
Image Credit: Screengrab of post and story/Instagram, Some coriander recipes inside.

You know how they say, chota packet bada dhamaka in Hindi? That’s what coriander is like. Add it to add dish and it will not only lend it a pop of colour but also enhance the taste of the dish. Known as dhaniya in Hindi, coriander is a underrated herb in our country. After all, our mothers and aunts usually purchase vegetables and expect the dhaniya to come along for free. In fact, even the mention of paying for such tiny green leaves makes them hot with anger and they are ready to fight with the subziwale bhaiya early morning for that little bit of extra dhaniya. 

However, it seems like this celebrity chef has recognized the important of this herb. Recently, chef Ranveer Brar shared a post on his Instagram handle, urging people to sign the petition to make coriander the national herb of India. In the post, you can see the chef holding a cardboard placard in his hand which has the words, “Petition to make dhaniya India’s national herb” written on it in with a bold marker. On the other half of the post is a screengrab of the comments people have made on this post, asking him where to sign the petition. 

Source: Ranveer Brar/Instagram 

Seems like the chef is quite enthusiastic about his fresh dhaniya and wants to bring about a serious change. If you come to think of it, coriander is replete with a plethora of benefits. It is so versatile that it can be used in drinks and savouries alike. You might also end up making a dessert using coriander. Here is why you should be eating coriander and then you can take a call about the petition. 

1.    Coriander is full of anti-oxidants and can is a great way to reduce the risk of cancer as well as inflammation-related problems. It can also significantly boost your immunity. 

2.    The oil obtained from the extraction of coriander seeds is believed to have health benefits for people suffering from irritable bowel syndrome or IBS. 

3.    It may also help to boost your appetite and improve the digestive system. 

4.    It is a great skin protector too, saving you from the damage caused by the rays of the sun as well as preventing acne-related problems. 

5.    The consumption of coriander seeds is said to lower blood sugar levels and are considered very powerful. 

Here are two coriander recipes you can make at home. 

1.  Mint Coriander Soup 

A refreshing and light summer soup. 

2.  Coriander Rice 

This comes with the goodness of coconut milk, mint leaves and of course, coriander.