Breakfasts are a super important part of the day. After a long gap of not having food after dinner, breakfast is always recommended in order to avoid health issues. Breakfasts should be healthy, tasty and heavy. However, the dilemma of what to make and have for every morning exists. The confusion of how to strike the right balance between healthy and tasty is what bothers us every morning.

Breakfasts come with multiple health benefits. It helps in controlling the weight and providing the body with necessary nutrients. It also helps in reducing the risk of multiple illnesses and boosts the power of the brain. Chef Kunal Kapur, on Thursday, brushed our midweek blues away with a perfect recipe of a breakfast drink that will not just give us the right amount of the nutrients needed for the body, it will also make our breakfast fun. Take a look at the recipe here:


Chia seeds (soaked)-¾ cup

Coconut milk (thin) – 3 cups

Bananas – 2 nos

Strawberries – 4 nos

Honey – 2 tbsp

Assorted nuts – 2 tbsp

Vanilla ice cream – 1 large scoop


Peel the bananas and add it to the jar of mixer grinder. Add the rest of the ingredients to the jar and blend them smoothly. Remove the smoothie from the jar and serve.

Health benefits:

The Banana Chia Smoothie comes with multiple health benefits. Bananas are rich in Vitamin B6, Vitamin C and Magnesium which helps in controlling the blood sugar and the blood pressure of the body. Bananas also help in boosting bone strength. Coconut milk, on the other hand, consists of anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties which helps in improving the cardiovascular health and reducing the risk of stomach ulcers. Chia seeds, rich in minerals, omega-3 fat, antioxidants, and fiber, helps in boosting digestion. Strawberries are power-packed fruits which help in protecting the heart, increasing good cholesterol, lowering blood pressure, and guarding against cancer.