We all know old age isn’t easy. After all, there are multiple physical and mental health challenges that the elderly population has to deal with. One of them is losing their teeth. To come to terms with this reality is quite hard. After all, it is connected to eating food as well, which is essential to provide all the nutrition they need. In the absence of teeth, it’s hard for them to eat anything and everything. This does limit their options, but the fact is that there are certain soft foods that can be offered to them. Plus, these foods are also high on nutrition, so that solves the problem too. So, are you ready to find out?

1. Scrambled eggs

We do know eggs have received a bad rap for raising cholesterol levels in the elderly population. But here’s what you need to know! Eggs are packed with protein, which can help them build muscles. Moreover, they contain a host of nutrients, including vitamin D, vitamin B12, choline, and selenium. If the cholesterol levels are high, scrambled eggs can also be made using egg whites.

food for elderly with no teeth
Eggs for better heart health. Image courtesy: Shutterstock.
2. Smoothies

You may have seen the millennial and GenZ population putting up some of the most Insta-worthy pictures of smoothies! Well, it isn’t just for the younger lot.

Smoothies are particularly helpful for the elderly, since they get the nutrition of fruits and veggies, without even chewing. Using fruits like bananas and strawberries with veggies like spinach or kale will provide wholesome benefits. If the elderly person has a good digestion mechanism, add a scoop of protein powder and milk too,” says Dr Rashmi Tarachandani, a Gurgaon-based general physician.

food for elderly with no teeth
Befriend smoothies! Image courtesy: Shutterstock
3. Oatmeal

Don’t we all love oatmeal for breakfast? Well, why should we deprive the elderly population of its benefits? It’s soft and easy to eat, and packs in a whole lot of nutrition. Each serving of oatmeal contains four grams of dietary fibre. You could also add some raisins and flax seed powder to a bowl of oatmeal to boost its health benefits!

4. Yoghurt

Yes, we do not really speak of the wonders of yoghurt as much as we should! It is truly a meal in itself that can benefit people of all ages. After all, it is a great source of calcium, protein and potassium. Moreover, it contains probiotics that can keep the digestive tract healthy, and also combats yeast infections.

food for elderly with no teeth
Yogurt is healthy for gut as well! Image courtesy: Shutterstock
5. Cottage cheese

“Cottage cheese or paneer is also a great addition to the diet of an elderly person who has no teeth. It contains all the essential nutrients, particularly protein and calcium that will prove to be helpful for them. This wonder food also helps to regulate blood sugar levels,” adds Dr Tarachandani.