Mahesh Babu Relishes A ‘Smart’ Breakfast Of Overnight Oats

Telegu superstar Mahesh Babu shared a rare glimpse of his off-screen life with a picture of himself seated at the breakfast table. The actor, whose fitness obsession has been more than usual lately, has tied up with fitness coach and lifestyle ambassador, Luke Coutinho to design a diet that appeals to his hectic lifestyle. He took to Instagram to share a photograph of his bowl of overnight oats and a cup of coffee, captioning it, “Building smart nutrition into my routine with Luke Coutinho. A simple mix of overnight-soaked oats, nuts and seeds. All I need to power through the next couple of hours! #breakfast”

The Maharshi actor, who has famously been raved about for his youthful looks, has religiously followed a disciplined lifestyle that includes a workout routine and balanced diet. He has previously talked about how he avoids processed foods and includes lean meat, fruits and vegetables in his diet, to keep the nutritional value intact. Although he avoids indulging in carbs for breakfast, he prefers to make up for it with a small portion of rice during lunch. He also divulged that his day comprises of 5-6 small meals, including protein shakes and supplements.

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The health-conscious actor has a serious commitment to his no-nonsense lifestyle, despite being in his late 40’s. So if you’re wondering what the secret to looking good while ageing is, take a leaf out of his book for inspiration on a consistently healthy lifestyle, plenty of physical activity and dedication to his health. Tell us what your balanced diet comprises of, in the comments below.