6 Innovative Recipes To Make With Samo Ke Chawal

Posing as a reliable alternative to rice or wheat, samo ke chawal or barnyard millets make up for most other grains containing gluten. It’s health benefits and versatility make it one of the preferred choices for those who plan on nourishing themselves while fasting. From savoury breakfast dishes to delicious sweets, this grain has been one of the indigenous ingredients that form an integral part of our culinary heritage.

Samo Phirni

Cook toasted and powdered barnyard millet with milk, sugar and cardamom powder until the mixture turns creamy to resemble a comforting pudding. Garnish with chopped nuts and raisins for added texture, colour and flavour; you could also swap the sugar with jaggery or palm sugar for a deeper caramel flavour and richness. Eat topped off with a thick scoop of fresh malai, when still warm.

Sama Congee

Cook samo ke chawal with diced potatoes, peanuts and spices to make a flavourful khichdi that can be enjoyed with a bowl of plain yogurt or a side of cucumber raita. Packed with wholesome and mellow flavours, the khichdi is ideal for the consumption of kids as well as older adults. When eaten with a yoghurt-based accompaniment, the cool raita offsets the starchy warmth of the delicacy well. On a non-fasting day, add a touch of soy sauce to your congee, and top with a fried egg for an Asian twist.

Samo Yogi Bowl

For anyone that prefers something sweet for breakfast, this creamy and addictive bowl of goodness is loaded with samo ke chawal cooked in milk and topped with sliced bananas, berries, nuts, seeds and a drizzle of honey. Enhance its nutritional value with the addition of seasonal fruit or a dollop of Greek yoghurt, to keep you full for a few hours.

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Samo Rice Pancakes

Start your day with a stack of these savoury pancakes made with samo rice batter – flavour with green chillies, chopped cilantro and cumin seeds for a spicy and herby hit. Unlike regular pancakes, these fasting-friendly ones have a slightly chewy texture to them, giving a similar texture to akki roti. Serve these pancakes with a tomato or coconut chutney on the side.

Samo Ke Tikki

Image Credits: Boldsky

Tea time rituals don’t have to be changed on a fasting day; in fact, combining cooked barnyard millet with mashed potatoes, crushed peanuts and some chaat masala make for the best kind of pan-fried or baked patties. Serve these blanketed in rajgira rotis, with a drizzle of green chutney to make a hearty lunch wrap with leftovers.

Samo Sushi Roll

If you thought Japanese food doesn’t make for excellent fasting food, think again! In an innovative fusion of Japanese concepts with indigenous vegetarian ingredients, it is possible to replace the sticky rice with samo ke chawal and create delicious sushi rolls using cucumber sticks, carrot and some pickled ginger for a burst of flavour. Serve with a light coconut amino dip instead of soy sauce.