Mahashivratri 2023: Are You Fasting? Feast On These Dishes

The Hindu festival of Mahashivratri, which will be observed on February 18, 2023, is just around the corner, and worshippers of Shiva are ready to celebrate it. Despite the fact that there are other Shivratris throughout the year, Mahashivratri is acknowledged as the greatest and most significant of all. Maha Shivratri, also known as "The Great Night of Shiva," is a Hindu festival observed on the 13th or 14th night of Krishna Paksha in the Phalguna month. A large number of followers even spend the entire night in the temples singing and reciting prayers, followed by the distribution of prasad, to commemorate the important day. Devotees also visit the Shiva temples, take holy baths in the Ganges, and bathe the Shiva lingam in milk and water. Due to the importance of milk in the Mahashivratri giving, there is a lot of kheer and other milk-based food in the prasad. 

Here are some vrat-friendly foods you may try at home, ranging from dhoklas, chaat, and hearty khichdi to sumptuous kheer: 

Vrat Wala Dhokla : Many people have a weakness for soft, spongy, and light dhoklas, and you'd be astonished at how simple it is to adapt the traditional recipe to make it vrat-friendly. All you need to do is use rock salt in place of regular salt and swap out gram flour or regular rice for samva ke chawal. 

Kuttu Cheela: Since buckwheat is a superfood and a fabulous trove of nutrients and healthy carbohydrates that make it a great breakfast or snack alternative, vrat-friendly cheela made with buckwheat flour is not only flavorful but also packed with healthful nourishment. 

Sabudana Khichdi: Whether you're feeling under the weather, want something quick to eat, or are fasting, khichdi seems to be a solid option every time! Sabudana khichdi is a delicious, nutritious, and filling meal that is perfect for vrat. 

Shakarkandi Chaat: Shakarkandi (sweet potato) ki chaat is a delicious combination of spices, rock salt, and sweet potato that is tossed together for a tasty midday snack. It is tangy, fast, and definitely vrat-friendly! 

Vratwale Paneer Rolls: Satisfy your evening cravings with this tasty delicacy. These vrat-friendly buns are filled with high-protein paneer, which is ideal for keeping you full for a long time. 

Sabudana Vada: Crunchy, salty, and vrat-friendly! In every Indian home, vadas are a favourite. In addition to peanuts, potatoes, and a tons of spices, this vada recipe calls for vrat-acceptable sabudana pearls. 

Makhana Kheer: Shivratri is a time when milk is frequently served, making kheer one of the most well-liked dessert options. You can try and even serve Lord Shiva this vrat-friendly makhana kheer as a Prasad. 

Dahi Aloo: Dahi aloo, a comforting concoction of potatoes and curd, is a filling lunch option that you can prepare in under an hour. 

Kuttu Dosa: Isn't dosa the dish that everyone loves the most? Here is a vrat-friendly dosa cooked with buckwheat, arbi (colocasia), a variety of spices, and potato stuffing.