Magical Ingredients That Can Take Away Your Winter Illness

Many of us love winters as it gives us a chance to spend cozy evenings in the blanket and to sip on our favourite hot beverages. But we also need to be a little more careful of the seasonal illness in this time of the year. The sudden cool breeze that makes us cold can bring along seasonal illnesses like flu. Thus, it becomes essential for us to take care of ourselves a little more. But how can we do that? With some magical ingredients. 

There are some common kitchen ingredients that can actually help us fight this winter illness. These common cooking ingredients could be a great way to shield ourselves against the seasonal infections. Let us tell you what these magical ingredients are. 


Ginger is a boon for us, and we know that. Because of its thermogenic properties, ginger produces heat in the body and keeps us warm in winters. Also, it holds anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that can keep us healthy. One can use ginger in literally anything. From tea to smoothies and from dishes to kadha.  


Garlic may have unpleasant taste and smell, but it can actually elevate the taste of any dish to the next level. This small ingredient is packed with ample health benefits. It is rich in immunity-boosting nutrients and can also help in lowering cholesterol as well as improving blood circulation. One should definitely include garlic in their diet to keep seasonal infections at bay.  

Lemon Peels 

Many of us think that lemon is not good in winters, but this is a wrong conception. This is one citric fruit that can actually save you from viral and bacterial infections. Besides, it can also help you in boosting immunity and has high antioxidant content. It can promote good heart health and even can lower the risk of cancer.  


Mulethi or liquorice is perennial herb used in Ayurveda for ages. It has antidiabetic and antioxidant properties. Besides, it also promotes liver health and can help fight respiratory infections. Chewing mulethi sticks has been an age-old remedy for sore throat and can even cure conditions like cough, bronchitis and chronic asthma. 


Yet another common kitchen ingredient is clove which have several health benefits. It has antiseptic, pain relieving and anti-inflammatory properties. One can put cloves in the tea as it provides the required amount of warmth to the body.  

These ingredients can give surprising results when it comes to taking care of health in winters. Try including these ingredients in your everyday diet and feel the change.  

Happy Winters!!