Why wait for it to rain to binge eat a plate of scrumptious pakode? Keep your regular onion or paneer pakoda for monsoons and try this appetizing Maggi pakode recipe to treat your taste buds and warm you up during winter evening tea time with fam.

Yes, you read that right! If you are an Indian, you can never go wrong with aloo pakoda, paneer pakoda, mirch pakoda, gobhi pakoda, onion pakoda and the likes but given how Maggi noodles lift up our mood in a jiffy, here’s adding it to the list of pakode as well. As the Covid-19 lockdown brings out the chef in us and winters being the best time to dig into all the fried delights, a hot plate of Maggi pakode seems like the perfect snack to enjoy the cold weather as we work from home.


Boiled Maggi

Chopped onions, capsicum, carrot, coriander leaves and green chillies

1 cup semolina (Sooji) and besan powder

1 tbsp salt, red chilli powder, cumin powder and Maggi Masala

Oil for frying


In a bowl, add boiled Maggi and chopped veggies followed by Maggi Masala. Give it a mix and add 1 bowl semolina and besan powder.

To the same mixture, add basic spices (salt to taste, red chilli powder and cumin powder). Mix it well and make small round balls of the same.

Deep fry the Maggi balls. Serve them hot and enjoy your Maggi pakode.

Ever since its inception in 1983, Maggi Noodles have been looked up to as the go-to meals or comfort food of people belonging to all age groups. Enjoyed as a light meal, Maggi noodles are enough to make one go weak in the knees even if they are practicing a balanced diet or an active lifestyle and we don’t blame them.

The immense love for Maggi, made people give it their own twists and tweaks and soon Maggi noodles on toast or egg bhurji Maggi, cheesy Italiano Maggi and even salami spinach and corn Maggi recipes took fans by a storm and became a constant companion. What do you think of Maggi Pakode?