Mackerel Tikka, Sunny Side Up: 10 Foods To Boost Vitamin D
Image Credit: Sunny Side Up. Image via Wikimedia Commons

Are you feeling a bit under the weather or low on energy? It might be time to invite some Vitamin D into your culinary adventures! Vitamin D is the sunshine nutrient that brings a burst of health to your bones, immune system, and overall well-being. If you have a deficiency and the doctor has prescribed you pills, you might also want to try eating the food we mention as we have got some delightful dishes lined up for you. So let's dive into this food-filled journey to boost your Vitamin D levels and tickle your taste buds!

Sunny Side Up Eggs

Eggs are a treasure trove of nutrients, and when it comes to Vitamin D, they shine brightly! Whip up Egg Bhurji by sautéing eggs with onions, tomatoes, and a blend of spices. Or simply go for a poached sunny side up. Eggs in any form are packed with proteins and Vitamin D that can be enjoyed by itself or with roti, paratha, or even as a filling for your favourite sandwich. It's a quick and delicious way to keep your Vitamin D levels soaring!

Calling all seafood enthusiasts! Say hello to the king of Vitamin D-rich dishes - the delicious Salmon Curry! Salmon is not only a succulent treat, but it's also brimming with those sunshine vibes. Cooked to perfection with aromatic spices, tomatoes, and coconut milk, this curry will have you coming back for seconds. Serve it with steaming hot rice or fluffy naan for a complete and wholesome meal.

Mackerel Tikkas

If you crave a burst of flavours, Mackerel Tikkas are your go-to Vitamin D superheroes! Marinated in a blend of zesty spices and grilled to perfection, these melt-in-your-mouth tikkas will leave you craving for more. Enjoy them as a starter or pair them with a refreshing mint chutney for an appetising snack. Trust us, your taste buds and bones will thank you.

Sardine Stew

Need some comfort food with a healthy twist? Sardine Stew to the rescue! This heart-warming dish combines the goodness of sardines with a medley of vegetables and aromatic spices. Simmered to perfection, this stew will warm you up from the inside out. Grab some crusty bread to mop up every last bit of this nutritious delight.

Cod Liver Oil

Remember your grandma's advice? Cod liver oil is an old-school remedy packed with Vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids. It may not be the tastiest option, but it's an effective way to supplement your Vitamin D intake. Follow the recommended dosage, and you'll be on your way to a healthier you.


Let's talk about versatile Vitamin D boosters - fortified dairy products! From creamy yoghurt to silky-smooth milk, these dairy delights come fortified with the sunshine vitamin to keep your bones happy and healthy. Whether you enjoy them with granola and fruit or use them in your favourite recipes, these dairy goodies are your allies against Vitamin D deficiency.


For our plant-based pals, fret not! Mushrooms are here to save the day. These little powerhouses are the only plant source of Vitamin D, making them an essential addition to your diet. Whip up some mouth-watering Mushroom Tacos, a scrumptious Mushroom Stir-Fry, or simply sauté them as a delicious side dish.

Nutty Spinach Salad

Get creative with your salads! Combine nutrient-rich spinach, crunchy almonds, and sunflower seeds for a Nutty Spinach Salad. Top it off with grilled chicken or tofu for added protein. Drizzle with a lemony dressing to enhance the flavours and add a touch of Vitamin D to your plate.

Sunshine Smoothie

Who said Vitamin D couldn't be sipped? Introducing the Sunshine Smoothie - a refreshing blend of citrusy goodness! Packed with Vitamin D-fortified dairy, fresh orange juice, and a banana for creaminess, this smoothie is an instant mood lifter. Start your day with a glass of sunshine and seize every moment with a smile.

Vitamin D Supplements

While our culinary journey has been delightful, sometimes life gets in the way of cooking up a storm. In those moments, Vitamin D supplements can be your trusted sidekick. Consult your healthcare provider to find the right supplement for you and keep your Vitamin D levels in check effortlessly.

Now that you have an array of Vitamin D-rich dishes at your fingertips, it's time to be the chef of your health! Incorporate these delightful delights into your meal planning and savour the food while combating Vitamin D deficiency. Embrace the delicious world of Vitamin D-rich foods and elevate your well-being and meet your deficiency with every bite. From seafood extravaganzas to comforting stews and vegetarian delights, there's something for every Indian food lover to enjoy. So, get cooking, stay healthy, and let the sunshine nutrient brighten up your culinary adventures.