Macaroni Samosa: This Diwali, Give Your Samosa An Italian Twist

 The ‘festival of lights’ is here. Diwali is one of the biggest Indian festivals that is celebrated across the country with much pomp and fervour. The preparations begin days in advance, from cleaning houses to decorating them with diyas, lights, and rangolis. Feasting is also an important component of Diwali celebrations. With guests pouring in all day, you need to be prepared with some snacks and nibbles to host them, right? This year, take the Diwali snacking game a notch higher with these Macaroni Samosas. 

The kids love it and the grown-ups can’t seem to keep their hands off it. This macaroni samosa is one of the rare ‘fusion’ recipes we approve of. Macaroni is a kind of pasta that is of tubular shape. It is prepared in myriad ways, like with milk and cheese, which gives you your classic mac n cheese. In India, it gets a slightly spicy and indulgent treatment. It wouldn’t be wrong to call it macaroni ki sabzi, and it continues to be a tiffin box favourite to date.  

This spicy macaroni can also serve as excellent samosa fillings. Do not believe us? Try this fun, fabulous, and festive recipe by Chef Regi Mathew – Head, Centre of Excellence, at MTR Foods Pvt Ltd. Pair it with samosas or chutneys and serve it with any mocktail or cocktail. So without further ado, let’s get to the recipe for Macaroni Samosa.


  • 15 gm oil 
  • 100 gm onion 
  • 5 gm green chilli 
  • 1/2 gm turmeric powder 
  • 1 gm fennel powder 
  • 1 gm coriander powder 
  • 2 gm garam masala powder  
  • 2 gm salt 
  • 75 gm macaroni cooked 
  • 2 gm coriander leaves 
  • 50 ml water 
  • 10 samosa sheets  


  • Heat oil in a pan, and add onion and green chilli. 
  • Add spice powder and salt. Add cooked macaroni and mix well. 
  • Sprinkle water and mix well. 
  • Add coriander leaves. 
  • Take a samosa sheet and apply water over the straight edge. 
  • Join the edges to make a cone shape. Stick the edges well. 
  • Fill the cone with prepared macaroni masala and press it using a spoon. 
  • Apply water to the edges. Stick the edges to seal well. 
  • Heat oil in a kadai and deep fry the sealed samosa until they turn golden-brown.
  • Serve hot.