Lupin Aptivate Achchi Bhook School Foodie Quiz 2023-Season 2

One great way to help your child develop a fondness for eating nutritious and mindful meals is by engaging them in a fun food quiz experience. Taking this into consideration, Lupin, a global company that specialises in manufacturing specialty and generic drugs and has offices worldwide, has chosen to collaborate with HT School and Slurrp for the Lupin Aptivate Achchi Bhook School Foodie Quiz 2023 - Season 2. On November 4th, the preliminary round of the nationwide tag-team championship took place. In this event, a child and one of their parents teamed up to create a foodies duo. Together, they worked towards unravelling the secrets to nutritious and wholesome meals. In total, it received an impressive 12,600 registrations. This created an exciting opportunity for everyone to come together and showcase their culinary skills, potentially breaking both an Asian and National Record.

The Prelims were held on the Kahoot! platform, allowing family teams (Parent+child) to participate at their own pace. It was a fun competition where children and parents built teams and answered nearly thirty interesting questions about food. Everyone was really excited and engaged in the battle. According to the quiz rules, only the top 150 ranks were eligible to proceed to the National Grand Finale, which is scheduled to take place on Zoom on November 18th. All the participants who took part in both the preliminary rounds and the grand finale were given digital certificates to acknowledge their participation. However, the top 40 contestants in the national grand finale were awarded prizes in the form of Amazon vouchers worth ₹1.3 lakhs.

A spokesperson for Lupin Life expressed their excitement about the popular online food quiz in India. They emphasised that the Aptivate Achchi Bhook Foodie Quiz is dedicated to sparking a love for delicious food and enthusiastic eating among children in the age group of 5 to 11 years. The representative quoted the wise words of George Bernard Shaw, saying, "There is no love more genuine than the love for food." At Lupin Life, our goal is to continue nurturing a mindset of 'good hunger' with the help of Lupin Aptivate syrup as the years go by. The enthusiasm for exploring food and the curiosity for delicious nuggets of information displayed by the many children and parents who participated in the Lupin Aptivate Achchi Bhook School Foodie Quiz 2023 (Season 2) is proof that a passion for food and enjoying meals with enthusiasm is thriving among families in India. The Prelims Quiz included questions about food and nutrition, well-known cuisines, ingredients used in recipes, famous dishes and desserts, popular beverages, spices and condiments, various types of grains, fruits, vegetables, and more.

All ages were captivated by the enthralling riddles. From naming the laddoo variety that looks like "crushed pearls" (Motichoor Laddoo) to recognising the British Bangladeshi chef Ali Ahmed Aslam as the creator of the beloved "Britain's favourite curry," Chicken Tikka Masala, which was made in response to a customer's complaint about its dryness, there was a wide range of questions. which famous American city is famously associated with a pizza variant called the Deep Dish Pizza (Chicago), the popular dish of Middle Eastern origin that gets its name from the Turkish word ‘Çevirme’ meaning “turning”, a reference to the turning rotisserie necessary in its preparation (Shawarma); what catchy combo name is given to a new type of burger that is filled with two pieces of (usually fried) momos (Moburg); and what healthy vegetable lends its distinctive red color to both Borscht – a meat soup of Ukrainian origin, and Kanji - a Rajasthani drink served during Holi, due to its use in their preparation (Beetroot).

In addition to being played by 2,600 users on a sunny Sunday afternoon, this virtual quiz was almost confirmed as India's Biggest Online Food Quiz by the prestigious judges of the Asia Book of Records and the India Book of Records, which made it even more memorable. Be sure to check back in a few days for additional details on that!

In the meantime, you can also check out our buzzing quiz community Quizverse – to brush up your knowledge about food and trivia, and be well-equipped with answers for the National Grand Finale of Lupin Aptivate Achchi Bhook School Foodie Quiz 2023 - Season 2. The clock is ticking! What are you waiting for? Go ahead and practice for the School Foodie Quiz 2023 Finale NOW!