Lunchbox Ideas: 5 Yummy Chapati Rolls You Cannot Resist
Image Credit: Roti rolls for your next lunch

In the morning, most of us are in a rush to get to work, college, or school on time. In such a case, you may tend to skip packing lunch, as it seems like a tedious and time-consuming job. Plus, thinking of new and innovative lunchbox options is also a task. If that’s a concern for you too, we’ve got the easiest hack for you.

Take your roti, stuff it with the sabzi that you were about to pack separately in a container and roll it up. This makes the lunch easy to wrap, fit in the lunch box and eat too. From dry potato sabzi to paneer, bhindi, and gobhi, etc., there are so many ways to make roti rolls for your lunch at work. Here are a few recipes that you won’t be able to say no to.  

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1.  Spicy Potato And Peas Roti Roll  

To make this delicious roll, all you need are some boiled and mashed potatoes and peas. Bind them together in the form of a ball and fry them. Slather your roti with green chutney and tomato ketchup. Place these fried potato balls and top with sliced onions. Roll the roti and your lunch is ready in a jiffy.  

2.   Chole Roti Roll  

If you’re thinking that this would be a messy business, you are mistaken. The chole sabzi is dried until all the gravy turns thick. Then, the chole is mashed and chopped onions, capsicum, and diced potatoes are added to it. This is spruced up with chaat masala and lime juice. The tangy filling is then stuffed into your roti and wrapped to be eaten with tomato ketchup.

3.   Roti Chicken Roll  


For all the meat lovers, this one is a classic. All you need is some marinated chicken breast and chopped vegetables. Grill the chicken until crispy and place it carefully in the centre of the roti. To this, add some chopped onions, tomatoes, bell peppers, and sprinkle salt and black pepper. Pour mayonnaise and tomato ketchup and roll it up. It is a super filling lunch idea.  

4.   Achari Paneer Roti Roll  

Prepare round and soft rotis. Keep them aside. Meanwhile, prepare a spicy cottage cheese filling with paneer cubes, mixed with sliced onions and tomatoes. Add red chilli powder, garam masala, Schezwan chutney, and more. Slather this mix on the roti and roll it up. Your achari paneer roll is ready. 

5.   Carrot Cheese Roti Roll  

For this, you would need some grated carrots and cheese. Prepare potato balls that are fried and then mashed. Spread mayonnaise on your roti and place the mashed potato balls. Sprinkle loads of grated carrot and finish off with some grated cheese. Roll it and heat it on a pan or in a microwave. The melted cheese adds to the flavour of the roti roll and this can become your kids favourite lunchbox.