Loved Chef Martins' Tambdi Cocktail? 5 Best Leafy Veg For Drinks

If you enjoy your cocktails, but can’t escape the guilt, why not include your leafy greens in your cocktail? Chef Avinash Martins recently impressed Instagram with his cocktail recipe which featured the much-loved summer veggie, tambdi bhaji or red spinach (also known as amaranth leaves). The chef who has reimagined Goan cuisine at Goa's Cavatina, used a creative recipe to include this nutritious veggie in a cocktail. 

Martins used beet puree and grapefruit juice along with tambdi bhaji so the cocktail has enough healthy components to it and also acquires a consistent reddish hue. The chef used vodka and bourbon as base spirits for the cocktail and also demonstrated a simple DIY fat-washing with milk which you can easily recreate at home. The chef’s recipe is yummy as it’s ingenious. However, if you want to perfect the cocktail, pay attention to the ratio Martins uses in his cocktail.

Tambdi Bhaji is rich in essential nutrients, including vitamins A, C, and K, as well as minerals like iron, calcium, and potassium. Its high vitamin A content supports healthy vision, skin, and immune function, while vitamin C boosts immunity and collagen production. Moreover, the iron content helps prevent anemia and supports oxygen transport in the body and the calcium strengthens bones and teeth. If you love the idea of adding leafy veggies to your cocktails, here are some more great options.


Not every veggie or leafy green can be added to cocktails as they may not agree with the primary base spirits. Spinach, however, is not one of them. Spinach is a versatile leafy green that adds a mild, earthy flavour to cocktails. When blended into a smooth puree or juice, spinach can be incorporated into a variety of drinks. Try mixing spinach juice with gin, elderflower liqueur, and lemon juice for a refreshing green gin fizz. Or combine spinach puree with pineapple juice, coconut rum, and lime juice for a tropical twist on a classic daiquiri.


You may not like kale’s regular taste but its robust flavor and hearty texture make it an ideal choice for adding depth to cocktails. When muddled or blended, kale lends a slightly bitter and peppery taste that pairs well with citrus and herbal ingredients. For a vibrant green cocktail, muddle kale with cucumber slices, lime wedges, and agave syrup, then shake with vodka and serve over ice for a refreshing kale cucumber cooler. Try adding some jalapeno for some extra heat!

Sarson ka Saag 

If you’re surprised, rest assured! This popular Punjabi saag made from mustard greens can actually elevate your cocktails. It brings a slightly peppery and earthy flavour to any light base cocktail and pairs well with ingredients like gin, vodka, or even whiskey. 

Moringa Leaves (Drumstick Leaves)

Moringa leaves are highly nutritious and have a slightly bitter and peppery taste, which can add complexity to cocktails. Moringa leaves can be muddled or used as a garnish. They pair well with ingredients like gin, vodka, or rum. Try pairing muddled moringa leaves with vodka, pineapple juice, coconut cream, and a splash of lime for a tropical drink.


Arugula, also known as rocket brings a peppery and slightly nutty flavour to cocktails, adding complexity and depth. Its bold taste pairs particularly well with citrus and gin. Combine arugula leaves with muddled cucumber, lime juice, simple syrup, and gin for a zesty arugula gin smash.