Love Tacos? Here Are The 6 Best Types Of Cheese You Should Use
Image Credit: Unsplash

Everybody enjoys a nice taco. It's one of those dishes from Mexican cuisine that everyone loves and can eat with a variety of conventional, fusion, or downright odd toppings and condiments. You'll be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn't occasionally find a nice taco to be a rich cuisine, whether we're talking pork, chicken, fish, or beans. It can be hard to decide which cheese to put on top, though. The cheese makes or breaks a taco. Learn more about some of the best cheeses for tacos. The majority of these cheeses will be recognisable to you, but some of them might be new to you.

1. Cotija

This Mexican cheese is aged, dry, and crumbly, and it crumbles beautifully. It is frequently offered in round packaging and has a Parmesan-like flavour that is salty and pungent. People use it frequently all around the world since it is one of the greatest cheeses for tacos.

2. Chihuahua

This cheese, which is often referred to as quesadilla cheese, most closely resembles classic cheddar cheese. It's a yellow cheese with a hard texture and a potent flavour. It melts well and is a great filling for cheese quesadillas and other dishes.

3. Burrata and parmesan

The combination of Burrata's creamy, opulent flavour with Parmesan's salty, tangy overtones creates culinary enchantment and provides the ideal balance for poblanos that have been roasted. Put this simple yet unmistakably delicious filling inside any shell, such as a soft steamed one or a conventional hard one.

4. Queso fresco

In literal terms, queso fresco is fresh cheese. Like feta or ricotta, queso fresco is soft, moist, and crumbly, which makes it ideal for sprinkling over antojitos, beans, and tacos. The saltiness of this whole milk cheese varies. Queso fresco is typically sold and packaged in corn husks or banana leaves. A popular queso fresco for Mexican cuisine is queso blanco (white cheese). This cow's milk cheese is pliable and melts well.

5. Crema

Crema is a naturally thickened cream that resembles a cross between crème fraîche and sour cream. When used as a garnish after cooking, crema gives soups, vegetables, and tacos a rich and sour bite.

6. Feta cheese

Although it might not be your first pick, feta pairs quite well with some fillings. It is quite crumbly in texture and has a much lighter and tangier flavour than the majority of the other cheeses on our list. Feta cheese pairs nicely with chorizo and other hearty meat dishes.