Love Money Heist? Make These 6 Themed Desserts While Rewatching
Image Credit: Unsplash

Money Heist, or the Spanish translation "La Casa de Papel," is much more than a show for its fans. The original Spanish show was translated into many different languages for people across the globe to enjoy. And the fans, for sure, were completely in awe of the characters. From admiring the Professor for his brilliant mind to shedding tears for Nairobi, the show kept everyone hooked.

So, if you’re planning to rewatch the series, why don’t you celebrate the iconic red jumpsuits with some themed desserts and make a movie marathon out of it? Invite your fellow Dali Masks lovers, make some Money Heist-themed desserts, and have a night to remember. What are you waiting for? Read on, explore the ideas, get baking, and start a binge-watching session with your loved ones.

Bella Ciao Cake

Bella Ciao is the song that the robbers sang when they successfully got a hold of the gold bars. The celebratory song got its hook not only when the fans saw Tokyo, Berlin, Denver, and others dancing to it but also when people who didn’t even understand Spanish started humming the song. So, a cake with “Bella Ciao” written on it will be the perfect addition to your themed house party.

Royal Mint Gold Bars

Netflix’s hit series, Money Heist, was all about robbing the Royal Mint and taking out the gold bars. How awesome would it be if you were eating desserts customised as gold bars while watching the robbers trying to get to the bars? So, you can bake brownies in the shape of bars and cover them with golden icing. You can also use golden-coloured fondant to give the bars a more realistic look.

Berlin’s Rum Balls

Berlin, the calculative mastermind behind the whole heist, needs a special dessert of his own. Just like Berlin’s personality, you can make boozy rum balls to commemorate his plan of action. Starting with chocolate cake crumbs, you can mix some cocoa powder, honey, chopped dry fruits, and nuts in rum. Then, take small portions of the mixture, make small balls out of them, and enjoy.

Tokyo’s Cherry Cupcakes

Tokyo had a hard life with lots of ups and downs. Devoid of the cold face she put out for the world. However, when in a relationship with Rio, the fans see her soft side and cannot help but fall in love with her. To raise a toast to Tokyo, you make cherry cupcakes that resemble her beauty, inside out. You can fold in chopped cherries in a batter of vanilla cakes and also decorate them with cherry-based icing.

Professor’s Chessboard Cake

Every Money Heist fan would agree that the heist would not have been successful without the professor’s sharp mind and quick instincts. If the professor was your favourite character, you could make a chessboard cake with alternating layers of chocolate and vanilla cake. Then, you can make an actual chessboard-like look with white and black fondant. Now, all that’s left is to give the cake a spotlight and eat while binge-watching.

Denver’s Doughnuts

Denver had a heart of gold. For his heart-melting and happy-go-lucky nature, you can make doughnuts with a chocolate filling. The simple outer appeal of the doughnuts and the chocolatey inside will match Denver’s warm personality perfectly. To make the fried desserts even more indulgent, you can ice them with different colours and use several toppings to depict his many roles as a robber, husband, and father.