Love Cuba Libre? You'll Appreciate This Cuban Orange Mojito Too
Image Credit: YouTube screengrab. Quick Cuban Orange Mojito

The Quick Cuban Orange Mojito is the ultimate summer cocktail. Why? Because it’s easy, fun and tasty, says its creator Julia. And if you love the Cuba Libre, then this one will be an even better fit for you. 

This Quick Cuban Orange Mojito is perfect for the country's sunny, hot and humid weather. Reports say that "in summer (June to August) the heat can get uncomfortably intense", with temperatures reaching 100°F (38°C) and high humidity.

Imagine that for a moment as we lay out this cool and refreshing recipe out for you. All it needs is a bunch of mint leaves, freshly squeezed lime and orange juices, soda or sparkling water (for that much-needed fizz), sugar and plenty of ice (enough to beat the heat). The spirit that holds this mojito together is, of course, white rum.

Here's a look at the ingredient list with the quantities mentioned:

6 nos. mint leaves plus some for garnish

2 shots of white rum

1 shot of lime juice

1-2 shots of freshly squeezed orange juice

Sparkling water/soda water

2 tsp sugar

About half a glass of ice

And if those ingredients seem easy as pie to procure, here's the even easier method:

Muddle the sugar, mint and lime juice together in a glass.

Fill the glass with ice cubes so it’s half-full (note our optimistic lens!). Pour in 2 shots of white rum and 1-2 shots of freshly squeezed orange juice.

Top of your glass with sparkling water/soda water. Stir.

Garnish with mint leaves, lime, and orange slices.


Drinking culture in Cuba has a good mix of globally known spirits and cocktails, as well as several local ones, such as the Cuba Libre. Most cocktails tend to lean heavily on rum, which includes brands such as Havana Club, Cubay, Mulata or Santiago. In addition the famed Cuba Libre recipe swaps Coke with a homegrown brand known as tuKola).

Here's a small glossary to help you tell your quintessentially Cuban cocktails apart:

Cubata: a Cuba Libre made with aged rum

Cubanito: a rum Bloody Mary

Saoco: white rum, coconut water, lime and sparkling water

Canchánchara: aguardiente, lime, and honey, sometimes with mint added

El Presidente: rum, dry vermouth, dashes of grenadine and curaçao

Hotel Nacional Special: rum, lime, pineapple, sugar, apricot brandy

Rum Old Fashioned

Buls: the Cuban cousins of Micheladas, consisting of pilsner, ginger ale, and lime