Love Chocolate? Try These 5 Dishes That Celebrate Its Flavours

The silky texture and sweet flavour of chocolate make it an irresistible delight for many. As weird as it may sound some people like to pair chocolate with everything. You name a dish, and they will suggest you try a chocolaty version of it. Whether it tastes good or not is something for you to decide, but you can find inspiration in this article to create fusion recipes with a chocolate bar, nuts, and ice cream in your refrigerator. 

Video Credit: SHS Easy Cooking/ YouTube

If you are planning a party for children or chocolate lovers, the dishes mentioned below will definitely give you an edge to explore new boundaries. Combining chocolate with traditional savoury recipes might be an uncharted territory but worth the effort. Here are exciting combinations that you can try out and decide which can make it to the menu of your next gathering.

Chocolate Pizza

You must have seen chefs drizzling olive oil over a baked pizza but not chocolate syrup. While this could be an irresistible dressing, you can add chocolate to pizza in more than one way. Add cocoa powder to the crust and spread melted chocolate sauce on the base while topping it with fruits, marshmallows, and nuts. Bake the pizza and slice it into wedges before serving. Chocolate indulgence has the potential to leave a chocolate lover in a food coma. 

Chocolate Tacos

You must have loved biting the crunchy taco shell filled with kidney beans, salsa, and savoury mixture, but chocolate tacos will make you forget it. In this recipe, you have to reimagine the popular Mexican snack as a dessert with a crispy shell filled with chocolate ice cream, caramel, and nits. You can top it with whipped cream before serving and each bite will be like a treat for the taste buds as well as the stomach. 

Chocolate Samosa

Samosa is a popular Indian snack made with rolling seasoned potato filling in semi-circular-shaped dough which is later deep fried. Paired with green chutney and a cup of tea, this snack is unbeatable. You can create its chocolaty version by filling the dough with chocolate syrup, nuts, and other sweeteners. Bake each piece and later, drizzle a generous amount of chocolate syrup on the top. It will be an unexpected but delightful addition to the menu.

Chocolate Pasta

You must have tried Aglio Olio, red sauce pasta, white sauce pasta, but not chocolate pasta. Traditionally, pasta is a savoury dish cooked with aromatic spices and herbs. However, for a children’s party, you can try making chocolate pasta for dessert. Add melted chocolate and cocoa powder to the pasta dough and serve it with either spicy tomato or garlic-infused white sauce. Sweet and savoury flavours will surely leave your taste buds amazed.

Chocolate Paratha

Pizza paratha, aloo paratha, cheese paratha, matar paratha, gobi paratha, and paneer paratha are popular variants of stuffed paratha. Now imagine taking a bit of paratha and melted chocolate soiling your hands. You can make it even more interesting by kneading the dough with cocoa powder and filling the paratha with grated chocolate chunks.