Love Chatpate Kurkure? New Video Shows The Making Of This Popular Snack
Image Credit: The video of Kurkure image is satisfying. Image: Screenshot from YouTube video by Foodie Incarnate

I remember when I was a student and used to stay up late in the night either to finish my assignments or study for exams, a bag of munchies would be my constant companion. From Uncle Chips and Lay’s to Aloo Bhujia, I’ve had it all during those late-nights at my study table. But one that I absolutely loved gorging any time of the day was Kurkure. The masaledaar puffs, which now come in several flavours, are a tantalising snack that is fiery to say the least, but such that you simply can’t stop at one. I would gasp with the spiciness but wouldn’t stop bingeing on it. And so, I always wondered how such a delectable treat was made? A video that’s doing the rounds on the internet has the answer. 

In a clip uploaded by food blogger Amar Sirohi on his YouTube channel ‘Foodie Incarnate’, one can see the entire process of making Kurkure at the factory. And it is simply unbelievable! Take a look:

The minute-long video starts with the mixing of rice wheat, cornmeal, besan and flour, which are then mixed with water and made into a batter. A machine then transforms the batter into pieces of raw kurkure. These raw kurkure are then filtered for impurities and go in to fry in another machine. After frying, the kurkures are collected in a large vessel, which moves on to the flavouring part.  

The masala is added manually to a giant machine that flavours individual pieces of the snack uniformly. After this process, the snacks are sent for packing. They are collected in equal amounts in different vessels and are packed in a different machine. They are later stored in huge cartons. After watching the video, I definitely want to visit the factory right away!  

While there are many other flavours of Kurkure including tomato, lemon and mint, nothing beats the classic masala. What do you think?