Love Chai? Here’s How To Store Tea Leaves Properly

Tea is more than simply a drink; it's a ritual that brings many people joy, comfort, and moments of peace. There is a certain magic in the steaming cup of steaming tea and the heavenly aroma of the freshly boiled leaves that makes it a beloved beverage in many cultures. In India, the home of chai, tea is an integral part of many people's everyday lives and special occasions. Tea has a wide variety of health benefits and delicious flavours, therefore it's important to keep the leaves fresh so that each drink is just as good as the last. For the best chai ever, it's important to know how to store tea leaves correctly so that they retain their aroma, flavour, and freshness. 

Tips to Store Tea Leaves Properly 

Keep it Airtight 

When it comes to keeping tea leaves fresh, oxygen is your worst enemy. Flavour and aroma might be lost due to oxidation when exposed to air. To avoid this, make sure to seal your container after storing your tea leaves. To keep things at a constant temperature and prevent light from escaping, use opaque containers made of materials like tin or ceramic. To keep the tea leaves intact and reduce air exposure, be careful to firmly seal the container after each use. 

Protect from Light and Moisture 

The quality of tea leaves can be diminished by exposure to light and moisture, which can lead to the loss of fragrance and flavour. Tea should be kept in a cold, dark area, out of the reach of direct sunlight, in a cupboard or pantry. Because heat and moisture may speed up the wilting of tea leaves, it is best to keep them away from damp areas like sinks or stovetops. Also, don't put your tea leaves in the fridge since the humidity and temperature swings can ruin them. 

Maintain Optimal Temperature 

The temperature is the most important factor in how long tea leaves can be kept fresh. Tea leaves can lose scent and flavour in very hot weather, while spoiling can occur from excess moisture in very cold weather. Maintain a steady room temperature for your tea leaves, preferably between 65 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit (18 and 24 degrees Celsius). Keep tea leaves away from windows or heating vents or any other places where the temperature might easily change. The best way to keep your tea leaves fresh for longer is to keep them in a cool, dry place. 

Use Proper Packaging 

How the tea leaves are packaged determines how long they stay fresh and how good they taste. Try to get your tea from vendors that use resealable bags or containers to keep the leaves fresh. After brewing, store the tea leaves in an airtight container to keep them fresh for later use. Since plastic bags and containers tend to absorb tastes and smells from other foods, they aren't ideal for storing tea. Instead, use glass, tin, or ceramic containers; they are non-reactive and will not transfer any flavours to the tea leaves. 

Rotate Your Stock 

The freshness of tea leaves, like that of any other perishable item, diminishes with time. Using older tea leaves before younger ones is a great strategy to rotate your tea collection and guarantee that you're constantly drinking high-quality tea. If you want to know how fresh your tea is and how long it will be until it goes bad, mark the container with the date you bought it. Typically, when stored correctly, the majority of tea leaves may be kept fresh for six months to a year. If you want to make sure your chai tastes great every time, rotate your stock often to keep the tea from becoming bad.