Love An Old Fashioned? Try These 5 Whiskey-Based Drinks
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First created in the early 19th century, the old fashioned cocktail earned its name from a simple request by a whiskey lover who asked for a cocktail made the ‘old-fashioned’ way. While purists hold on to the original recipe, creative mixologists over the years have experimented with bitters, infusions, liqueurs and garnishes to upgrade it into a cocktail that the contemporary whiskey drinker will enjoy. If you find yourself savouring one of these for its smooth flavours, there are quite a few other cocktails with a rich heritage of their own that you will invariably love.


Originating in New Orleans as primarily a medicinal concoction, the Sazerac gained immense popularity and became one the first cocktails to emerge out of the USA. Traditionally made with rye whiskey or cognac and a sugar cube soaked in bitters – both of which are muddled or stirred together, with anise-flavoured absinthe, this cocktail perfectly captures the essence of an old fashioned. Garnish this one with a lemon twist and enjoy the flavours of delicate sweetness with robust whiskey flavours. 


Born in the 1920s in Paris as a distant cousin to the Negroni, the cocktail always screams sophistication. The classic Boulevardier marries the flavours of warm and robust whiskey, bourbon or rye, with Campari and sweet vermouth to create an incredibly elegant infusion. Typically, it is served over ice and garnished with some orange zest, which is one of the crucial ingredients to make this.

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Gold Rush

A modern classic born in the late 20th century in NYC’s glorious revival period, the Gold Rush is a potent whiskey cocktail made with the simple yet flavourful combination of bourbon, honey and lemon. The honey is combined with hot water to create an amber syrup, which is then mixed with bourbon, fresh lemon juice and ice, shaken and served in a chilled glass. Enjoy its sweet, sour and robust notes at home while whipping this up for a crowd.


Born in late 1800s, the Manhattan captures the sophistication of the era it originated in. Continuting to reign favourite among the elite even today, the Manhattan symbolises fine taste, with its winning combination of rye whiskey, sweet vermouth, aromatic bitters and a cherry on top. A timeless cocktail that is still considered quite trendy, this one is a must-have for old fashioned lovers.


A cocktail of Canadian-origin that reflects the country’s vibrant whiskey culture, the Toronto is closely related to the Old Fashioned but with a Canadian twist. Made with rye whiskey, simple syrup or sugar and aromatic bitters, it is garnished simply with an orange twist, for a robust and balanced flavour profile with a touch of citrus.