Looks Like Netizens Are Not Happy With The New Maggi Ice Cream Roll

If you thought bizarre food trends are having a dull moment, you might be wrong. This time, it’s something called Maggi Ice Cream Roll making the rounds on the internet. A recent video uploaded on social media is giving many nightmares. It shows a man making Maggi ice cream rolls and garnishing it with chocolate sauce and rainbow sprinkles.

Maggi noodles have been the comfort food for most of us, and if you can have a scoop of ice cream after relishing a plate of piping hot Maggi noodles, then kya baat!. But combining the two is not a good idea at all and this video says it all:

The clip was posted by an Indian food blogger with the username @thegreatindianfoodie on Instagram. The blogger posted the video with the caption “Ye Maggi ke shaktiyo ka galat istemal ho ra hai maa (sic)”. It shows a man making Maggi ice cream rolls. He first pours some cream over a plate of Maggi and proceeds to convert it to a fine paste. Then, he spreads the paste on the cold stone and makes rolls out of it. He finishes it off with a generous drizzle of chocolate sauce and some rainbow sprinkles.