Looking For Something ‘Meetha’? 5 Quick Indian Desserts To Try

Indian desserts have quite a huge fanbase. And why not? Every happy occasion in India calls for a special mithai. Be it someone coming over or you going to someone’s place, a box of mithai is evident to be found. A proper Indian meal is incomplete without a piece of sweet in the end, isn’t it? I can totally relate with you if “kuch meetha ho jaaye” is your favourite line. From Gulab jamun to rasmalai, from sandesh to jalebi, there are so many Indian sweets that have kept us hooked since a long time.  

Video credits: Cook And Fry India/YouTube

However, buying sweets from the market has always been covenant as some Indian sweets like rasmalai, ghewar, gulab jamun, jalebi etc. Are quite hard to make. These sweets follow a special set of ingredients and the right procedure. But there are some desserts that can be made at home in no time. Yes, you read that right! So, if you are craving something ‘meetha’ and running out of time, let us take you through 5 Indian desserts that you can make quickly. Excited enough? Here you go! 

Suji Ka Halwa 

I don’t know about you, but suji ka halwa is my comfort dessert. And mothers make the best suji ka halwa. Made up of semolina, ghee, milk, sugar and cardamoms, this halwa is soothing, comforting, delicious and can be made in less than 10 minutes. Do you have suji in your kitchen? If yes, don’t wait and make this halwa right now. 

Coconut Ladoo 

Coconut is quite a versatile ingredient. From dishes to desserts, from drinks to condiments, coconuts are used almost everywhere, and their presence adds to the flavour as well as aroma. If there is a laddo that can be made in less than 10 minutes, it is nothing coconut laddoo. All you need is some grated coconut and condensed milk. Just roast the grated coconut and mix it well with condensed milk. And you are good to go! 


Kheer needs no introduction. Made with the goodness of rice, milk, sugar and nuts, kheer is one such dessert which is the most popular. A bowl of chilled kheer is potential enough to take you to foodie heaven. One can also play with the ingredients of this humble dessert. Instead of sugar, one can add jaggery also to make it healthier and tastier. 

Til Laddoo 

After coconut laddoo, til laddoo is the easiest to make. Made with just two ingredients I.e., white sesame seeds and jaggery, this laddoo is most made during the Makar Sankranti festival. Nevertheless, you actually don’t need an occasion to savour this easy and delicious, sweet treat. 

Coconut Barfi 

Just like coconut laddoo, coconut barfi can also be prepared in no time. To make simple and heavenly barfi, you need some roasted grated coconut, sugar water, khoya and nuts. This barfi has a rich taste and texture and can perfectly fit into every occasion. Ever tried this barfi before? 

Which is your favourite Indian dessert? Do let us know!