Lokma To Baklava: 5 Classic Turkish Desserts To Try
Image Credit: Turkish Dessert 'Lokma'

Can you imagine Turkey without appreciating it's amazing and aromatic flavours?? Among the so many loved Turkish delights, Turkish desserts are my favourite. Sweet, classic and scrumptious, Turkish desserts are so popular, and this is because of a reason. If you have ever tried a Turkish dessert, you must have got blown away with its rich and vibrant flavours. For instance, baklava is amongst the most popular Turkish desserts and loved for its richness and flaky texture. But you know what? Turkish desserts are more than baklava! 

So, if you have a special love for Turkish desserts, here are 5 classic gems you must try. Here you go! 

Video credits: shaziya's recipes/Youtube


This sugar-packed scrumptious dessert is made with a concoction of sugar, flour, yeast and salt. Deep-fried and soaked in sugar syrup, this Turkish dessert is similar to Gulab Jamun but the batter preparation in both the desserts are different. It is known as one of the oldest desserts Greek desserts.


These delectable and tasty sugary cubes are made of sugar and starch and flavoured with rose water, mint, lemon and so many different flavours. But when plain jelly is served pistachios, it becomes succulent. Generally, these treats are served along with coffee or tea after the meal.  


This popular Turkish dessert translates to burnt bottom pudding. Made up of milk, butter, sugar, starch, rice flour along with different flavourings, this dessert is traditionally served as thin ribbons but could also be as thick squares. Caramelized on the top, this dessert has an earthy flavour which gives it a unique taste. 


These deep-fried and crisp shelled treats were a common delight in the former Ottoman Empire. Tulumbas are soaked in thick syrup, sometimes lemon-flavours and could be the perfect sugar craving you wanted. If some legends are to be believed, this dessert got its name from a special tool used in making.  


One of the most popular Turkish desserts is Baklava. Made with thin layers of phyllo dough, which is stuffed with nuts, this dessert is irresistible. At present, this dessert has gained popularity all across the globe and is loved for its rich taste and even richer texture. 

So, how many of these Turkish desserts have you tried? Do let us know!