Lohri Special: 5 Delicious Ladoos You Can Relish At Home
Image Credit: Lohri ladoos

As Indians, we cannot imagine celebrating our favorite festivals without a delightful plate of scrumptious sweets and goodies. Lohri is finally here which means it is time to burn away the sadness and get ourselves into festive spirit. Lohri is a popular winter folk festival celebrated primarily in the North Indian Subcontinent. This auspicious festival marks the end of winter and welcomes longer days along with the sun’s journey to the Northern hemisphere. The day is celebrated joyously by setting up a bonfire in the evening. The lighting of a bonfire during this winter festival is an ancient tradition. People gather together to light the bonfire to reignite the return of longer days. At the same time, this festival is enjoyed by dancing, savoring the rich taste of festive food and gifting each other wholesome delicacies. It is traditional to eat dishes made with radish, ground nuts, jaggery and sesame seeds. Keeping this in mind, we have bought some overly delicious that will keep you warm and happy this season. Set a festive mood by getting hooked on these 5 heavenly ladoos.   

1. Til Ladoo/Sesame Seeds Ladoo 

Lohri celebration is incomplete without a bite of yummy til ladoo. It is not too late to make these til ladoos so get your hands at them quickly.  

2. Meethi Ra Ladoo 

Methi ladoos are especially prepared in Rajasthan during winter time. These wholesome ladoos are prepared with fenugreek, jaggery and lots of dry fruits.  

3. Gud-Mewa Ladoo {Jaggery-Dryfruits Ladoo} 

Gud ladoos are soft yet chewy and perfectly nutty. If you are confused about which ladoo you should make, this gud-meda ladoo is an ideal pick.  

4. Peanut Ladoo 

Lohri is a perfect excuse to indulge in loads of peanut ladoos studded with nuts and dry fruits. It is a perfect treat for winters and festivals.  

5. Boondi Ladoo

Treat yourself to some mouth-watering boondi ladoos coated with rich desi ghee. 

Hurry up and make these tempting ladoos for your loved ones.