Lohri 2024: 7 Punjabi Thali Dishes To Try This Festive Season
Image Credit: Pixabay

Have you ever tasted spring? Makes no sense, right? But, the taste of spring lies in abundance, the celebration that happens all over India with different names and kinds. As the winter departs, the sun comes in with the beauty of spring and the harvest of the year. 

Lohri stands out as a celebration of harvest and prosperity, and will be celebrated on January 13, 2024. Lohri is a special occasion in Punjab celebrated all across the state by eating different delicious dishes. Each dish is special and represents happiness, from the sweetness of til chikki filled with the crunch of sesame seeds to the warmth of urad dal ki khichdi. Every dish is very delicious and tasty for you to try on this special occasion. Also, these dishes will remind you of your childhood, making you feel homely in every bite. 

If you are planning something big for Lohri, don't forget to include one of these dishes in your list to serve, which is not only unique to the occasion but also very comforting and delicious. Learn more about the dishes, and keep reading!

1. Urad Dal Khichdi: Urad dal khichdi symbolises warmth and comfort during Lohri. It is a hearty dish that has an earthy flavour. It is seasoned with ghee and can be tempered with spices of your choice. It is a blend of urad dal and rice. You can top the khichdi with ghee, coriander, and cumin seeds according to your taste. Add dried coconuts or nuts to make the dish more royal.

2. Pindi Chana: Chickpeas are cooked in a thick, flavorful masala that is both satisfying and spicy. There is a hint of ginger and garlic taste added to it. Pindi chana also represents the abundance of the harvest season. It is very popular in Punjab. To elevate the dish, you can garnish it with coriander leaves and some lemon juice. 

3. Pinnis: Pinnis is a mandatory dish to have on Lohri. Everything about the sweet reminds of spring and the celebrations. They are dense and sweet, a brilliant option to satisfy cravings. You can add nuts, such as almonds or pistachios, to enhance and elevate the taste even more.

4. Til Chikki: These chikkis are a delightful combination offering a nostalgic and authentic taste of Lohri. Til chikki, made from sesame seeds, is a traditional Lohri sweet that represents the harvest of winter crops. Til chikki is very delicious, nutty and sweet to taste. You can also elevate the taste of it by adding the grounded nuts of your choice. 

5. Gajar Halwa: Gajar halwa is a sweet and creamy dessert with grated carrots cooked in ghee, milk, and sugar, creating the best traditional dessert, which is everyone's favourite. As carrots are a winter vegetable, they go perfectly with the thali. You can garnish the dish with many ingredients, such as saffron, nuts, and more. 

6. Sarson Da Saag: The white butter is perfect for richness if you want to make it traditionally. While the taste is impeccable, sarson da saag is bitter because of mustard greens but is balanced with spinach to taste delicious. Sarson da saag is a winter specialty in the state which is paired with makke ki roti, a flatbread made with cornmeal or maize flour. This brilliant Punjabi dish is a favourite for everyone to serve on the occasion.

7. Rewri: Rewri is a sweet often eaten on the occasion of Lohri. The sweet symbolises good fortune. It is often exchanged as a gesture similar to soan papdi in Diwali. Rewri has a sweet and nutty taste and a crispy texture. It is made from jaggery and sesame seeds, which goes perfectly with a cup of tea.