Lohri 2024: 6 Dishes To Serve At Your Lohri Party
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Lohri is the perfect time to dance and eat a lot of food with your friends and family. Lohri is a celebration known for bhangra, bonfire and lots of popcorn. It is the harvest festival that is famous among Sikh and Punjabi communities in the northern part of India. It is celebrated on the eve of Makar Sankranti every year as per the Hindu calendar. This year Lohri will be celebrated on 13th January, 2024. Other than good music and dance, food is also a very important part of Lohri celebration. If you are planning to organise a Lohri party this year, then this article is going to be helpful to you. We have assorted a list of some traditional Lohri dishes that you can make for your party this year. Let's have a look.

* Gur Ka Halwa

The celebration of Lohri is incomplete without having Gur Ka Halwa. This halwa is made by using jaggery, semolina, ghee and dry fruits. This is a mouth-melting recipe that gets prepared in under 20 minutes. You can make this with the help of even wheat flour. The key is to roast your flour in lots of ghee first and then add double the quantity of water. Let the water evaporate until you get a thick consistency. Now add your melted jaggery inside the Halwa and give everything a good mix. Top everything with some chopped dry fruits.

* Makki Ki Roti And Sarso Ka Saag

Makki ki roti and sarso ka saag is a quintessential Punjabi meal. Makki ki roti is made from corn flour or maize. It is a crunchy flatbread that is made with lots of G and eating this during winter season is very beneficial for health. Sarso ka saag is made from sarso leaves that are abundantly available during the winter season. The saag is perfectly spiced and has a delicious taste. The combination of these two is opportune for your party and everybody is going to love it. It is both a healthy and delicious meal that will be enjoyed by everyone.

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* Murmura Ladoo

Murmura Ladoo is also a great winter delicacy that is also a very popular Lohri snack. This Laddoo is made with some jaggery and puffed rice. It is a perfect combination of something sweet and crunchy. This can be made at home in another 10 minutes by melting some jaggery and adding puffed rice to the melted jaggery. You can then make small balls out of the mixture after wearing gloves to prevent yourself from getting burnt. Then you can let the Laddoo rest at room temperature and your Murmura Ladoo will be ready. 

* Til Ki Barfi

Til is also a famous winter ingredient that is used in multiple desserts and foods. A popular winter dessert that is made from Til is Til Ki Barfi. This is a crispy treat that has a similar texture to that of a wafer. This can be used as a light appetiser or snack during the start of your party. It is also the perfect snack that can be distributed in frequent intervals and munched throughout the night. Til ki Barfi can be made with the help of white sugar or jaggery. 

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* Gajak

Gajak is made from melted jaggery and peanuts. Consuming jaggery during the winter season is good for the body and peanuts are abundantly available during the winter season. This is a crunchy and sweet combination of jaggery and peanuts that can be easily made at home. All you have to do is take jaggery in a large quantity and melt it in a container without burning it. Now add a bowl full of peanuts and mix it really well. After you feel that your peanuts have been properly covered in melted jaggery, spread it properly over a tray and let it cool down. Your gajak is ready. You can also add some til or cardamon.

* Matar Kebab

Another vegetable that is abundantly available during the winter season is green peas. You can make scrumptious Matar Kebab from green peas that are slightly spicy and very tender. This is made by mincing boiled peas along with some spices and mashed potatoes. This is mixed and made in the shape of a small ball. That is then deep-fried. If you have an air fryer then you can also choose to air fry it until it becomes crispy from the outside. This can be served with a homemade fresh mint or peanut Chutney.

These are some exciting main courses, desserts, and appetiser options that you can keep in your Lohri party 2024 menu. All of these are delicious and quite easy to make.