Bridgerton Season 3 Inspired Desserts That You Must Try
Image Credit: Bridgerton/Instagram, Freepik

It’s the season of Bridgerton Fever as the second part of season 3 is trending on Netflix. With Penelope and Colin walking down the aisle, Francesca getting married to the love of her life in a private ceremony, and Kate-Anthony embracing parenthood, this season (much like the other two) has been a roller coaster ride through highs and lows of romance and drama.

Video Credit: Chef Ranveer Brar/ YouTube

Bridgerton is huge when it comes to location, dresses, and decor. But foodies noticed that no ball or event in Bridgerton is complete without tables adorned with a variety of delicacies, especially desserts. Here are a few sweet treats you can pick up depending on the character you love from season 3.

Chocolate Mousse If You Liked John Stirling

John Stirling was introduced in Bridgerton in season 3 as the love interest of Francescana. With his smooth flirting and charming persona, he swooned Lord Stirling swooned Lady Francescan off her feast. Capturing the complexity of his character is a cup of dark chocolate mousse. It boasts rich flavours, velvety texture, and irresistible layers. If you haven’t watched the second part, order a chocolate mousse and relish it while enjoying the show.

Tea-Infused Cake If You Liked Eloise

What’s not to like about Eloise or a tea-infused cake? While the character is a strong-headed, intelligent, and independent woman, the tea cake reflects her personality quite well. With various notes of Indian aromatic spices and smooth buttery frosting, every bite of this cake will be a burst of flavours in your mouth. Infuse the cake with cinnamon, star anise, and cardamom for a delicious feast.

Lemon Drizzle Cake If You Liked Queen Charlotte

From season 1 to season 3, not to forget Queen Charlotte - A Bridgerton Story, the royal highness is among the most loved characters on the show. She is sophisticated, outspoken, and elegant. Reflecting her personality is a lemon drizzle cake. It is rich in flavour, boasts tangy notes (much like sour comebacks from the Queen), and looks absolutely irresistible when you add it as a part of any spread. You can bake it at home with just a few ingredients.

Lavender Cookies If You Liked Violet Bridgerton

In season 3, Violet Bridgerton’s character has witnessed growth. From an obsessive mother to a woman exploring layers of friendships, testing the waters for new love, and accepting her daughter’s idea of love, many fans of the show loved Violet Bridgerton in this season. Inspired by her character, you must definitely try lavender cookies. They are lip-smacking and the subtle aroma of lavender makes them more enticing. Lavender scent is also believed to calm one’s nerves much like Violet’s presence is for her children.

Macarons If You Liked Penelope And Colin

Season 3 revolved around two old friends finding a soulmate in each other. Penelope and Colin not only got to know each other a little better in this season, but they both also made peace with Lady Whistledown’s identity. Their vibrant journey in the latest edition on Netflix calls for you to indulge in colourful macarons as you hook to your screen and watch one episode after the other.