5 Bridgerton-Inspired Desserts For Your Next Royal-Themed Party

Bridgerton is a historical fiction drama series on Netflix, based on the series of books written by Julia Quinn. Its first season aired in December 2020 and garnered millions of views on the streaming platform. The captivating performance of the cast instantly impressed people across the world. It even had a spin-off series called ‘Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story’ based on the beloved character of Queen Charlotte. 

Video Credit: Gordon Ramsay/ YouTube

If the theme of your next party is royalty, there is no better show to inspire the theme of desserts than Bridgerton. It is in the trend and will leave your guests impressed with your creativity. Here are a few ideas for sweet treats for a sophisticated and luxurious gathering.

Duke’s Decadent Chocolate Truffles

Do you remember that after the first season Duke Hastings, played by Simon Basset, was referred to as the chocolate boy because of his charming and royal personality? This decadent chocolate truffle is an impeccable ode to him. Moreover, the dessert has many dry fruits and every bite will be a surprise.

You will need to make a batter of chocolate, cocoa powder, heavy cream, crushed dry fruits and nuts, and a floral extract of your choice. It could be lavender, orange, or even vanilla if you like it. Bake these cookies and top them with edible golden glitter for a regal appearance.

Eclairs Inspired By Eloise

Eloise Bridgerton, played by Claudia Jessie, was a rebellious yet smart teenager with whom many of us could relate. This dessert impeccably mimics her persona and would be a hit in your party. Filled with cream and topped with chocolate, who would not like to eat them one after the other?

First, you will have to bake choux pastry using water, all-purpose flour, salt, unsalted butter, and eggs. The second step is to prepare chocolate glaze using heavy cream, cocoa dark chocolate, and corn syrup. The third and final step is to prepare lip-smacking cream with mascarpone, vanilla bean paste, whipping cream, and powdered sugar. At the end, arrange the dessert.

Raspberry Tartlets

If you want to serve something delicate and sophisticated, nothing beats raspberry tartlets. Boasting chocolate-filled tarts and a richness of juicy raspberries, this dessert will make you hit the party and take your baking skills up a notch.

You will need to prepare three things for this - creme patisserie, pastry, and toppings. For patisserie, you will need vanilla extract, eggs, whole milk, plain flour, cream, and caster sugar. For preparing pastry, you will require icing sugar, flour, eggs, and butter. Keep powdered sugar, melted chocolate, and raspberries aside for topping. 

Ballroom Cake

When hosting a royal-themed party, how about a ballroom-themed cake depicting the fluffiness of gowns worn by princesses and queens? You can decorate it with your favourite fruits and garnish with fresh mint leaves to enhance the flavours.

You will need egg whites, cream of tartar, powdered sugar, cornstarch, and powdered sugar. Once the cake is ready, prepare strawberry-flavoured icing to decorate it. You can also pick any other fruit-flavoured icing to adorn this delicious cake. 

Lemon Drizzle Cake Inspired By Lady Whistledown

Lady Whistledown is one of the most beloved characters of Bridgerton. Until the last episode of the first season, we did not know who she was, but the upcoming season will revolve around her and her love life. The season is expected to hit the streaming platform in 2024.

First, you will prepare the cake using eggs, plain flour, unsalted butter, lemon zest, and caster sugar. Second, you have to make the drizzle topping for which you will need caster sugar and juiced lemons. In the end, you can decorate the cake using candied lemon sleeves and edible flowers.