Level Up Your Protein Intake With This Homemade Protein Powder

you someone who hate milk's flavour and will only consume it when it has been flavor-enhanced with another ingredient? We frequently end up adding pre-packaged protein powders, which do offer nutritious value but also contain artificial flavouring and preservatives. Protein is a great addition to our diet in general because it is necessary for many bodily processes. Protein benefits our health in a variety of ways, whether it is through weight loss, bone health, immunity, or improving energy and metabolism. 

Why not choose healthier homemade protein powder if you want to improve your protein intake as part of your weight reduction diet? This convenient, delicious protein powder is produced in the Indian way. This incredibly healthy protein powder is packed with the deliciousness of nuts, seeds, and flavorful spices. It is also rich in minerals and fibre, which not only improves immunity overall but also helps to build stronger muscles. This protein powder's fibre acts as a natural laxative, promotes intestinal health, and speeds up metabolism, all of which aid in better weight management. Try mixing this straightforward protein powder with milk at home to enjoy the advantages. 


1/2 cup almonds 

3 tbsp sunflower seeds 

3 tbsp raisins 

1/2 cup pistachios 

3 tbsp sesame seeds 

1/2 tsp green cardamom 

2 Pinch saffron 

1/2 cup walnuts 

3 tbsp melon seeds 

3 tbsp dried figs 

1/2 cup cashews 

1 tsp fennel seeds 

1 tbsp ghee 


Take a pan and add ghee to it to make this easy protein powder. Add the pistachios, peanuts, and almonds once the ghee has warmed up. Transfer to a plate after tossing. 

Next, cut the anjeer and remove the dates' seeds. The roasted almonds, peanuts, pistachios, dates, anjeer, and seeds should be placed in a blender. Well-grind them. 

It should be blended twice, then three times with fennel seeds, 1/4 cup of cardamom powder, and a pinch of saffron. And let it dry while keeping it on a tray. Put the protein powder in a glass container once it has dried. Relish it after mixing it with a warm glass of milk. 

There are several advantages to homemade protein powder that store-bought protein powder cannot provide. Additionally, store-bought powder can be exorbitantly pricey. A month's worth of powder can be made for only a few bucks if you buy your ingredients in bulk. How good! Additionally, as was already noted, many readymade powders have a lot of unsavoury additives; by making your own protein powder, you may only use the protein sources and flavourings that you prefer. Additionally, experimenting with the recipe to discover the ideal protein powder for you is possible when you make your own protein powder. And of course it has comparable nutritional value!