Lettuce Chips: These No-Cooking, No-Baking Chips Are All The Rage On The Internet
Image Credit: Pixabay

When it comes to food trends, the internet never ceases to amaze (or shock). Remember the ‘grated egg toast’ trend, where you had to grate a boiled egg on top of an avocado toast? While the trend was big on social media, chef Saransh Goila wasn’t pleased. Instead, he went on to give the trend his own spin with grated ‘Anda Ghotala Toast’. We have yet another food trend that the internet is having trouble digesting. The ‘Lettuce chips’ have stirred up a storm on the internet. The ‘snack’ has become all the rage, especially among fitness enthusiasts. Remember the trend of ‘Kale chips’ from a few years ago, lettuce chips are somewhat similar, except they are even easier to put together since they require ‘zero cooking’.

You heard us right. These chips are not fried or baked like your traditional chips. All you need take a big head of lettuce, using your bare hands, tear it into small bits (if you take fresh lettuce, you would actually be able to hear the crunch very well, which is one of the best parts about the trend. Once you have torn the lettuce in one big bowl, sprinkle over some lemon juice, red or white vinegar, pink Himalayan salt and black pepper, and then give your ‘chips’ a good toss. Toss it up well and you are done. That’s it, that’s all you need to do. Grab the bowl and start munching.  

The viral trend took off on TikTok with user @amalawadfit, and now it is all over Instagram, Facebook and other social networking sites too. It is being called a healthy, low-carb alternative to potato chips. And indeed, it looks very yummy, but a big faction of the internet is not impressed with the fancy terminology. For them, it is just another glorified salad.  

This is not the first time the salad green has been a hot topic of debate. About four-five years ago, the trend of ‘hand salad’, was also met with mixed reactions. Here, a bunch of Romaine lettuce would be placed on a  tray, and you were supposed to grab them with your hand and dip them in a dressing or a dip. That's all you had to do.  How is something as amazing as lettuce used for making such bizarre trends, we are unable to understand. Anyhow, do share your views on ‘Lettuce chips’ with us and also let us know if you would like to try it soon.