Legendary and Very Famous Food Spots of The Pink City- Jaipur

A very cultured, ethical, traditional and attached to the roots place is what comes to my mind when I talk about Rajasthan. From the people, to the small lanes inside the smallest town possible, Rajasthan always has a comforting vibe. What enhances this vibe to something unique is the food. Though the whole of Rajasthan is an ultimate food hub there is one place in particular that has my heart. Let’s talk about the capital and also very famously called The Pink City - Jaipur.


Jaipur has uncountable food stops and a few legendary spots. Let me take you on a food trip which I explored on the lanes of Jaipur.

Gulab Ji Chai Waale

A tea spot getting this famous that you find it crowded whenever you visit. Yes, you heard it right. I was shocked to see that people travel miles only to have a kadak masala chai from the legendary spot Gulab Ji Chai waale. Starting from a small stall and growing into multiple restaurants, do not miss the chai and masala bun here. Fun fact, the small stall is still there for us to enjoy chai the a proper desi way.

Image Credits: tripola.in