Leftover Tea Leaves? 5 Ways To Reuse Them Beyond Tea Preparation

In most Indian families, the morning cannot start without a hot cup of tea. It is like a soothing and comforting hug from our mother that motivates us to kick-start our day. Apart from this, tea is also a tonic to refuel ourselves at any time of the day. Traditionally, tea is prepared with milk, sugar, and tea leaves, but health-conscious people go for green or black tea.

You can relish your tea whichever way you like, but our concern here is: what do you do with the leftover tea leaves? Do you just throw them away? Besides adding to your beverages, there are many other smart ways to use them. Even the brewed tea leaves can help you in many ways. So, from now on, don’t throw away the leftover tea leaves; instead, store them and explore creative ways to use them.

Here are five smart ways to use your leftover tea leaves in the kitchen:

Add To Your Salad

We all know tea leaves have an amazing aroma and flavour, which can mesmerise us. So, why not try adding it to our recipes? Start by adding a small amount of tea leaves to make a dressing for your salad. Then adjust the quantity accordingly. Tea leaves are rich in antioxidant properties. Besides adding flavour, it will also make the dish healthier. However, using tea leaves from milk tea can affect the taste, so you can avoid using them here. Apart from salads, used tea leaves can also be added to fried rice or noodle dishes.

For Removing Odour

You may have heard from your mother not to keep tea leaves near the masalas. This is because they are very absorbent. So, it can also work as a natural deodorizer for your kitchen as well as other rooms. All you need to do is dry the damp leaves, pack them in cheesecloth, and keep them wherever you want. This hack even works for your refrigerator.

Use As A Fertiliser

If you don’t want to keep used tea leaves in the kitchen, then use them as fertiliser in your garden. As they are rich in antioxidants, tea leaves can become an amazing nutrient for your plants. Collect the brewed tea leaves in a tin and sprinkle them over the soil. You can also add them to your regular compost and use them in your garden once a month.  

An Excellent Cleaner

It’s true that tea stains are tough to remove, but ironically, they can be used to clean as well. The damp tea leaves can be used as a scrubbing agent for cutting boards and dirty dishes. This will also remove the strong odour of meat or fish from them. Besides the kitchen, tea leaves are also effective for cleaning windows, curtains, and carpets.

To Get Rid Of Bugs

Bugs are a common problem in many households, especially during the rainy season. They are very annoying and also cause health-related problems when they sit in your food or cooking area. You can get rid of those fruit flies and tiny bugs with your used tea leaves. All you have to do is sun-dry them and burn them in the area where you mostly see the bugs.