Learn These Simple Ways To Make Butter Masala Gravy

The only thing we want during the weekend is fancy, oily meals. Despite the fact that we may eat healthily during the week, we like to let our hair down and indulge in our true passions on the weekends. We love the rich, decadent flavours of Punjabi food, which is one of the world's most popular cuisines. There is so much that this opulent cuisine has to offer, from buttery naans to delectable chicken gravies. An essential component of Punjabi food is butter masala gravy. It is a delicious recipe with a star ingredient that steals the stage and some healthy spices. You'll be relieved to learn that there are actually three different ways to prepare butter masala gravy—not just one, not two! 

Just what is butter masala gravy? A base of onions, tomatoes, and cashews serves as the only ingredient in this simple dish. For a mouthwatering flavour, this gravy is enhanced with both whole and powdered spices. Finally, cream and coriander are added before serving the butter masala gravy hot. 

Paneer Butter Masala   

Paneer butter masala, one of the most delectable Punjabi recipes, never goes out of vogue. Paneer chunks are cooked in a delicious tomato-onion sauce that is rich in flavorful spices. Adding paneer chunks that have been fried in butter to the dish further improves its flavour and increases how wonderful it is. It tastes well when paired with rice, naan, or roti. 

Mushroom Butter Masala   

Mushroom butter masala is also available if paneer isn't your thing. The umami flavour of mushrooms is used and enhanced to the fullest extent in this decadent gravy. This mushroom butter masala is the perfect weekend meal because it's a straightforward recipe that even novice cooks can master. Even a small amount of cream can be added on top to give it a little extra flavour.  

Chicken Butter Masala   

Butter masala gravy is prepared in a third and final approach by including the flavorful addition of chicken. Garlic and oil are used to fry tender, flavorful chicken cubes until they are crisp and golden brown. In the following step, the traditional butter masala gravy is made and added to the fried chicken. This chicken butter masala is far superior to the typical chicken gravies, trust us on that.