Lavangi To Kanthari: 6 Types Of Green Chillies Grown In India
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Generally, chillies are available in two varieties. One is the green chillies, and the other one is the red chillies. Red chillies such as Bhut Jolokia and Mathania mirch are extremely popular in India and all over the world. These are considered extra spicy, and that is one of the reasons why they are so popular. The other variety of chillies that is equally popular is green chilli.

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However, not many people are aware that green chillies, just like red chillies, come in a lot of different varieties. Although most of them look similar in terms of appearance, they're pretty different from each other and are grown in specific parts of the country. In this article, one can get to know about six varieties of green chillies that are grown in India.

Lavangi Chilli

Lavangi chilli is also called the Kolhapuri lavangi mirchi and is a very popular green chilli found in Maharashtra. This chilli is also used to make the very famous Kolhapuri masala. The Lavangi chilli is considered one of the hottest varieties of chillies found in India. It is extremely pungent when it comes to its taste and also infuses a very strong and fiery flavour into the food. In Maharashtra, people like to use these chillies to make stuffed chillies or bharva mirchi.

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* Green Jwala

Green Jwala chilli is abundantly cultivated in Gujarat, and it's a type that is very popular and is used in the rest of India. Generally, it is used to make different types of pickles and chutneys and is also used to eat as a side condiment with lunch or dinner. The pusa jwala variety of the jwala chilli is a long and wrinkled chilli that is available in both red and green colour. This type of chilli has a similar flavour to that of the Cayenne pepper. The chilli is considered to be moderately spicy and has some fruity undertones like that of an apple.

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* Bhavnagri Chilli

Bhavnagri chilli is a type of green pepper that is generally grown in Gujarat. The taste of this green chilli is very different, and it's tangier than spicy. The chilli is not too spicy, which is why people of all age groups can consume it. It can also be consumed as a side dish. The chilli is generally small in shape and very wide. Texture-wise, they are very similar to capsicum. They have a mild green colour and a smooth texture. One of the most pervasive uses of this green chilli is to be served with some Dal rice.

* Dalle Khursani

Dalle Khursani is the type of green chilli that is not just grown in India but also in Nepal. It is a type of chilli that is available in both red and green colour. Sometimes, a person may also find the orange colour variety in this chilli. In India, it is majorly grown in Darjeeling, Sikkim, and some other parts of West Bengal. In terms of its heat, the chilli is considered extremely spicy. The shape of the chilli is like a small pear-like fruit. Other than being acclaimed for its flavours, the chilli is very well known for its health benefits, such as being rich in vitamin A, vitamin E, and vitamin C. The chilli is a very important part of the north-eastern cuisine,

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* Kanthari 

Kanthari chilli is also known as the bird’s eye chilli. This chilli is very popular in Kerala and other South Indian states. The intense heat of this chilli is what makes it so popular. Other than being extremely spicy, chilli is also famous for its medicinal properties, such as its anti-inflammatory effects on the body. Kanthari is among one of the hottest peppers in the world and is used to make dishes like Kerala-style chilli chicken and kanthari curry. 

* Boriya 

Boriya is the type of chilli that is grown in Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. The chilli is famous for its unique shape, which is that of a small ball. These types of chillies are available in both green colour and deep red colours. The deep red colour boriya chillies are considered medium spicy, and the green variety is considered more spicy than the red variety. This type of green chilli is used to make a lot of curries, lentil soups, and other dishes in South India.