‘Lava Idli’ Is The New Food Trend On Social Media; Netizens Are Loving It
Image Credit: Source: Screengrab of @swadcooking's Instagram post

Whenever we think of nutritious and easy-to-make food, south Indian delicacies definitely come to our mind. No matter what, southern food lovers will keep going back to the dishes for their irresistibly decadent taste. And if we, South Indian food lovers, were to pick the healthiest and easiest of all, we will definitely pick idlis. I mean, why not? They are soft, spongy, steamed, healthy and delectable enough to satiate one’s palate. And by combining them with piping hot and flavourful sambar and chutney on the side? There’s nothing more blissful than the same. And what if we tell you that you can now relish idlis stuffed with sambar? Exciting enough, right? Well, so on today’s culinary journey, we are stopping by at the kitchen of a talented home cook who has experimented with idlis to bring out their best and has made lava idlis. Yes, just like choco lava cake but it's just idli and sambar instead of chocolate cake and chocolates. Take a look:

As seen in this video uploaded by the Instagram user with the username @swadcooking, a lady is making lava idlis. She first takes idli batter, a crispy puri and some sambar. She then pours a portion of the idli batter into a muffin mould, fills the puri with some sambar and places it over the poured batter and then adds some more batter over it to cover it completely. She steams the idli batter-filled moulds to perfection, removes them from the moulds and serves them with chutney. The home cook then proceeds to cut through the idli and the sambar flows out of it.

The video has been doing rounds on the internet and has garnered around 284k views, 9k likes and appreciative comments from foodies. Here are some of them:

“Lovely version of choco lava cake only it's a Savory story”

“very nice innovative idea”

“Definitely gonna try out😍”

“This is fun .. i will try this”

Will you try these lava idlis? Do let us know if you do.