Laal Singh Chaddha Star Aamir Khan’s Diet Plan Revealed

Aamir Khan is known to be Bollywood’s ‘Mr Perfectionist’. And the actor’s movies seem to prove that time and again - be it Taare Zameen Par, PK, and 3 Idiots among others. Currently in news for his upcoming film Laal Singh Chaddha, an official Hindi remake of the 1994 American film Forrest Gump starring Tom Hanks, which is all set to hit the theatres on August 11, Aamir and his co-star Kareena Kapoor Khan have already started the promotions for the movie in full swing. 

The movie’s trailer already created quite a stir. But what caught our eye was how Aamir’s fitness in the movie is absolutely on point, especially at the age of 57. For the unversed, Aamir is playing a role of a ‘special’ child, who goes on to become an award-winning athlete. Therefore, Aamir had to look his fittest. 

This has piqued our interest in Aamir’s diet and fitness secrets. Are you also wondering what the diet of ‘Mr Perfectionist’ looks like? We’ve got some ideas.

1. Smaller Meals 

Aamir is known to plan his meals. He focuses on having smaller but regular meals to increase his metabolism rate. He prefers to keep all his meals balanced and in an equal time frame so they digest well. His smaller meals can include fruits or any dairy product. 

2. Lots Of Fruits 

Most of Aamir’s meals including his breakfast and snacks are full of fruits. His breakfast is full of just some egg whites and fruits, while his snack time between breakfast to lunch and lunch and dinner is all about wholesome fruits. 

3. Meat

Aamir prefers some lean meat for his main meals including grilled chicken along with some veggies. While his lunch includes a full Indian meal with roti and some quantity of rice too. Chicken is a form of lean meat, a broad category used to define ‘white’ meat, poultry or fish that has lower calories and fat content as compared to its fatty red counterparts such as red meat. However, according to experts, it is dense with protein and hence can be used instead of red meat in a weight loss plan. 

4. Diet Mantras 

In an interview, Aamir had shared some diet mantras that he regularly follows. The first is that your diet is more important than any sort of workout. He believes that if your diet isn’t planned then no amount of workout can bring a change. 

To manage your cravings, Aamir suggested a great tip and explained that if you are having a food temptation, push it by five minutes. “Have water if you are very tempted,” he said, and we think this hack is just perfect for anyone on a diet. He also added that if you are unable to control your cravings and are planning to break your diet, eat sensibly, and in controlled quantities. He believes that the quantity you are consuming is very important in whatever you eat. 

Aamir’s diet plan looks like a cheat sheet to fitness enthusiasts, isn’t it? However, before you start taking cues from it, don’t forget to consult an expert. After all, each body has different requirements when it comes to diet and fitness.