KUMRO'R JHAL: A Lightweight Pumpkin Curry With Bengali flavours
Image Credit: Kumror Jhal/ Instagram- bongo_lawlona

Stews and curries have been existing in the main stream scenario of Indian cooking ever since its inception. In fact, some people believe that curries have been the face of Indian cooking on the international forum. While thousands of curries could be found in different states and territories of the country, the mention of Bengali curries popularly known as ‘Jhol’ and ‘Jhal’ cannot go unmentioned. 

While ‘Jhol’ is a simply flavoured, light and brothy curries, a ‘Jhal’ is a thin gravy which is slightly thicker than Jhol. The word ‘Jhal’ literally translates to ‘Spicy Hot’. Normally, Jhals chillies and cumin seeds as their basic ingredients and are prepared with fishes. However, now with the evolution of time, different vegetarian variations of Jhal have been developed. A paste of cumin and black pepper is called as ‘bata jhal’ which often acts as the prime ingredient in the curry.

Let us introduce you to a vibrant light-weight curry which is characterised by the sharpness of its flavours. Called as ‘Kumro’r Jhal’, the recipe is prepared with unripe or green pumpkin or Butternut Squash. It is an easy recipe that will not require you to do its preparations half an hour before.

kumror jhal/ Instagram- bong_lawlona

1. 2 dried red chilles

2. 1 bay leaf

3. ½ tsp Kaalo jeere or nigella seeds

4. 2 green chilles

5. 40 gms milk

6. ¼ tsp maida

7. 10 gm salt

8. 10 gm sugar

9. 16 gms coconut paste

10. 500 gm kumro or pumpkin


1. In a pestle, chop a green chilli. Ad some nigella seeds and salt in it and crush the mixture properly. This mixture is the main flavour ingredient of the dish.

2. Take the pumpkin or butternut squash and chop it into 4 cms thick wedges. Remember to shave off the skin properly. Chop them into 4 cms thick cubes.

3. Now, transfer the chopped pumpkin pieces into a saucepan and add 200 gms of water. Make sure you add the exact amount of water for giving the perfect texture to the recipe.

4. Add salt to the pan. Boil the pumkin till it becomes 90% tender. Do not drain the water.

5. In a separate wok or pan, add 15 gm of Mustard Oil. As the oil starts getting hot, add dried red chillies, green chilli, ¼ tsp of kaalo jeera/ nigella seeds and a bay leaf.

6. Now, add the boiled pumpkin along with the hot water. Add coconut paste to the pan and let it simmer. Mix properly.

7. Now add the crushed chilli and nigella seeds paste. Add sugar and mix well.

8. Take milk in a small bowl and add a small amount of flour in it. Mix Well.

9. Add the milk to your curry. Let the curry bubble up on medium heat.

10. Serve hot with steamed rice 

Now, you know what to cook when you are craving for something spicy and full of heat. Happy Cooking !