Kulcha Is Not Just Alu and Paneer Filled—Try These Offbeat Kulcha Fillings That Work Magic
Image Credit: Source: Curly Tales/Facebook

Kulchas are no more a North Indian staple. It has been around Punjab for so long that it has now become a national favourite as well as a global rage!

However, the typical potato and paneer fillings have gone for a toss at some innovative joints and even homes. There are so many households and places experimenting with the kulcha filling that it is worth trying out these best five.


Chickpeas make aweosme chole masala. Chickpeas also make awesome hummus. When you combine the tadka of the chole with the smooth hummus and let it bake to perfection amid a kulcha, you get hands-on innovation that tastes regal. Try this even with leftover chana masala after blending it to a smooth paste. Top with some lime juice, onions and coriander leaves to enhance the taste.

Minced Soya Or Meat

Use minced meat or soyabean filling that is well cooked and spiced, for the kulcha filling. You can pick lamb or poultry. The kulcha baked authentically with such a filling leaves an aftertaste you'd never want to forget at all. 

Corn Zucchini Cheese

Add a dash of Continental or Italian touch with layers of grated zucchini, corn and cheese inside. The gooey texture of the filling post a good bake makes for an amazing kulcha meets pizza experience. Do not forget to add peri peri seasoning to this.


The famous chaat dish from Bengal and Bihar makes for an innovative and offbeat kulcha filling.  Layer up with authentic chaat toppings such as tomatoes and onions finely diced. Wait for a perfect bake before munching on the awesome result.


It might be tough for the traditional kulcha expert or lover to imagine it in a dessert avatar. However, there is a famous Middle Eastern kulcha chain that has patrons swearing by its Nutella filled kulcha topped with slices of ripe banana!

With such a whirlwind of variety on the kulcha front, eating this famed item will never be the same again. A perfect kulcha is about the right combination and the perfect bake. Once both are in place, the Indian bread is sorted!

A Tasty Endnote

Kulcha is again a cultural pick among the huge Punjabi delights that amaze food enthusiasts. The way innovation works magic on such a classic item, might be open to myriad interpretations. However, offbeat food is turning out to be huge rage across the globe in the current times. Perhaps with a more open mind, you can try these interesting twists to popular desi items after all, this New Year!

Satarupa B. Kaur has been writing professionally since a decade now. Always on the go; she loves travel, books, playtime with her toddler as she explores new places and food.