Kriti Sanon ‘Restarts’ Fitness Routine With Healthy Smoothie

Known to have one of the fittest bodies in Bollywood, Kriti Sanon has been known to flaunt her physique in sharp looks from time to time. However, given her busy schedule and back-to-back shoots, the actress wasn’t left with enough time to maintain a steady regimen, based on a clip she shared on social media today. Dressed in a green dress and fresh out of the shower, Kriti was headed somewhere as she sipped on a glass of what appeared to be a health potion. The maroon drink, which contained ingredients like apple, carrot, spinach, ginger, lemon and cucumber had been part of her everyday diet routine.

Captioning the video saying that ‘Restarting the habits I got lazy about,’ Kriti candidly admitted to falling off the wagon for a minute before she resumed. Fresh off of launching the second edition of her fitness start-up in Bandra, it was only opportune that she get back on track with her routine. Eating a combination of fresh fruit, vegetables, lean protein and complex carbohydrates, Kriti’s diet usually includes preparations of eggs, oats, brown rice, chicken or fish.

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With a largely clean eating pattern, the actress also makes sure to consciously avoid processed or junk foods. Preferring to steer clear of carbohydrates at dinner, her meal usually comprises of grilled chicken or fish, soup and salad. While she is known to enjoy her cheat meals of pizza and dessert from time to time, Kriti’s high-protein, high-action fitness plan is what keeps her motivated to stay in shape.