Kriti Sanon Expresses Love For Mango, Her Favourite Summer Fruit

The most mindful foodie of B-town who loves to make healthy food choices and yet indulge in a cheat meal once in a while, is Kriti Sanon. Kriti’s love for food, goes beyond just being a foodie. The actress enjoys cooking and has a dedicated highlight section with photos and videos of her baking escapades on her Instagram profile. Kriti’s latest health binge are summer fruits, particularly the one that’s become the favourite of all in summers - mangoes. Sharing a photo of a bowl of mangoes to her Instagram story, Kriti captioned it, ‘pyaar.’ 

Mango is rich in vitamins and minerals, and studies have shown that it boosts immunity and works wonders for your skin and hair as it’s rich in Vitamin C. The fruit is regional to India and is currently, in season. Mango is actually a very versatile fruit and can become a part of your meal through out the day. The fruit can be incorporated in your diet right from a mango smoothie breakfast in the morning, to mango kheer as dessert. Did you know that mangoes first appeared in India over 5,000 years ago? This ancient fruit’s various health benefits is the reason why it has become a hit with celebrities. 

Kriti’s love for healthy bites is evident from her choice of meals. The actress also shared a photo of her breakfast to Instagram. The photo had a big cup of tea, a plate with brown toast smeared with peanut butter and various nuts (almonds, walnuts and a date) in two bowls. Kriti who completes 8 years in Bollywood now, has many time spoken about the relationship that she has had to develop with food for transforming in to various characters in her movies. Did you know that Kriti Sanon indulged in eating fried food and chocolates to gain 15 kilograms of weight for her role as a pregnant girl, in the movie Mimi? Talking about the situation, Kriti had expressed on her social media how challenging this had been for her. “Being blessed with a good metabolism and normally eating burgers and pizzas in life, gaining 15kgs was a challenge.. I never thought I could do it, and there was a point when I didn’t wanna see food.. but when i saw how it translated on screen, it was all worth it!” she wrote. 

Kriti Sanon's breakfast


Kriti’s life, like that of any actor in Bollywood, is rampant with shooting for movies and other commercials and mindful eating is therefore, a priority for her. However, don’t let Kriti’s commitment to fitness and her healthy meals fool you in to believing that she isn’t a foodie. When it comes to eating comfort food, the actress is just like us! In the past, Kriti has shared in a video that she posted to her Instagram in which she is seen saying that her comfort food on any given day is a parantha with butter or rajma with chawal.