Kolkata’s Kulhad Soda Shikanji Is Going Viral, Internet Is Divided
Image Credit: Instagram @cadel_tales

Among all the bizarre food trends that have surfaced recently, what has really caught our attention is the comeback of Kulhads. For the uninitiated, Kulhad is an Indian clay cup without handles, it was traditionally used to serve teas but with time, sophisticated porcelain, China and glassware pushed Kulhads to oblivion. But the K-craze is back and how.  

From Kulhad momos to Kulhad Maggi, this delicate cup is everywhere and now it is time for Kolkata’s Kulhad Soda Shikanji to take over the internet. Shikanji, as most would know is the ultimate summer thirst quencher from India that is made with salt, lime juice, chaat masala and a bit of soda. It is also known as Shikanjbeen in other parts of the country.

In this trending drink. The vendor starts by pouring some fresh ice cubes in the pair of kulhads, then he proceeds to pour some Pepsi. This is followed by generous amounts of lemon juice and kala namak (or black salt). Further, he adds some fresh soda on top of the drink too, stirs it until it is nice, fizzy, and bubbling, and serves it with a straw. Drooling, aren’t you? Watch this video and you will know what we are talking about.  

The Instagram reel was posted by Instagram creators @cadel_tales, you can find the delish beverage in Vardan Market, Kolkata for Rs. 50.  

The comments section is buzzing with mixed reactions. Some are finding the price of the drink unreasonable, “How to increase price of something? Just put it in kulhad, INR 50 is too much for this”, wrote a user.  

Some even proposed more Kulhad-related ideas since they are the new ‘in’ things now. “ Kulhad daru bechega mein (I will sell booze in Kulhad)”, a user commented.  

Many seemed to be very impressed by the contents of the drink. It indeed looks very simple and tasty.So what do you think? Would you want to try recreating this drink at home?  

If the video has somehow made you crave Shikanji, we have another recipe that you may want to try. Called Shahi Shikanji, it is slightly denser than your regular shikanji, because of the addition of milk, hung curd, sugar, almonds et al. It is perfect for the weather, and certainly something that will taste just as well in Kulhad, we think. Try it soon and let us know how you liked it.