Kolkata's B Com Chaiwala And His Fusion Mango Chai
Image Credit: B Com Chaiwala of Kolkata has a special mango cha

Summer season is at its peak and the only good thing about surviving the heat is that this season brings with it the lovely gift of mangoes. This summer fruit is not just delicious but extremely versatile and there are so many dishes that can be made with this single fruit. Right now, food scene in India is such that everyone is up for experimenting with classical combinations and dishes and mango has not been spared from this. 

Fusion food is taking over the market and there are a lot of things made with mangoes that are sold on the streets that we have not had before. So, our question is, what is the strangest way in which you have had mangoes? What if we tell you that now you can combine your favorite beverage which is Chai with your favorite fruit that is mango? Well, Kolkata’s B.Com Chaiwala has created a unique mango chai fusion which is gaining massive popularity on the internet and in the city of joy as well. 

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This shop in Kolkata sells tea only for 10 rupees per cup. And there are a lot of flavors that you can choose from including the now famous mango chai. Other than that, the shop has a lot of options like litchi or kaju which are equally popular amongst the customers. B. Com Chaiwala Is that he wants to extend his brand and open shops in many parts of the country and that his versatility and low price are his USP.  

The method to make mango tea is pretty simple. He makes Chai in a regular fashion by boiling the tea leaves and sugar with milk. What makes this unique is the mango flavouring that he adds in the last stage of making the chai. He adds the flavouring to a smaller pan filled with prepared tea and boils it on a high flame before transferring it to earthen cups. This adds a fruity note to the hot tea.  

So, if you are a mango lover along with a Chai enthusiast, then you should surely try the mango Chai at B. Com Chaiwala’s humble shop, only priced at 10 rupees. It will definitely be a unique experience.