Make These 7 Delicious Bengali Fish Snacks And Starter At Home

Fish in a hot curry or "Shorshe Maach" (mustard fish), is associated with both everyday meals and festivities. This love of food reflects Bengal's relationship to its abundance of water, fusing cuisine with a rich cultural legacy to elevate fish above just sustenance to a prized symbol of Bengali identity. 

While Bengal does boast unique fish dishes, let's explore the equally fascinating world of Bengali cuisine fish snacks and starters!

1. Fish Kobiraji Cutlet: 

Fish Kobiraji Cutlet is a traditional Bengali appetiser made with spiced egg batter encasing marinated fish fillets that fry to a crispy golden crust. The flavour is a delicious combination of the strong flavours of the spicy coating with the natural sweetness of the fish. Its texture is a delightful crunch that combines a crispy exterior with delicious fish inside. The favourite white-fleshed fish, bhetki, is a popular choice for this dish, as are prawns. Bengal's culinary skills are evident in the Fish Kobiraji Cutlet, a cherished dish served along with kashondi, a popular mustard sauce from Bengal. 

Video Credit: YouTube/ Bong Eats

2. Fish Fry:

A delicious appetiser known for its well-balanced combination of flavours and textures, fish fry is prepared in the Bengali way. The flavour is a symphony of spices like cumin, coriander, turmeric and a squeeze of lemon that highlights the fish's inherent sweetness to produce a savoury treat. The texture strikes the ideal balance, exposing flaky, delicate fish inside while maintaining a crispy exterior.

Common varieties that convey their distinct character are Bhetki, Rui, and Katla. After being marinated in mustard oil, turmeric, and chilli, the fish is fried to golden perfection and covered in a seasoned gram flour batter, guaranteeing a taste that captures the spirit of Bengali cuisine.

3. Fish Tikka:

Fish tikka, made in the Bengali way, is a delectable dish that combines a variety of flavours and textures. Because of their firm texture, white-fleshed fish like katla and bhetki are usually used. Fish that has been marinated in a flavourful mixture of yoghurt, mustard paste, spices, and herbs takes on a strong, tart flavour.

Seared to perfection, it gets caramelised on the outside but stays juicy inside. The taste is a harmonious blend of the fish's natural sweetness, tanginess, and spice, and it is shallow-fried. This version of Fish Tikka from Bengal displays the region's skill at turning fish into a culinary masterpiece in addition to tantalising the palate.

4. Macher Chop:

Bengali fish starters, like macher chop, offer a burst of textures and flavours. Spices like cumin, coriander, and green chillies are used with finely minced fish, usually rohu or bhetki, to create a marinade. After that, the mixture is formed into balls, fried to golden perfection, and covered with breadcrumbs for a crispy outside. The fish adds a luscious, flaky texture, and the flavours come together in a balanced blend of savoury and spicy overtones. With a pleasing crunch in every bite and a great blend of flavours served along with kashondi or mustard and ketchup at times, Macher Chop perfectly embodies Bengali cuisine.

5. Fish Kabab:

Fish kabab, made in the Bengali way, entices the senses with its distinct combination of tastes and textures. Fish, usually Bhetki or Hilsa, is marinated in a blend of mustard paste, green chillies, and aromatic spices, giving it a zesty, peppery taste and grilled mostly. The outside is perfectly crispy, exposing soft, juicy fish within, creating a delicious contrast in texture. Hilsa, which is recognised for its richness, or Bhetki, which is noted for its mild taste, are frequently used. This culinary treasure captures the essence of Bengal's love of fish, offering a well-balanced blend of crunch, spice, and the unique flavour of the selected fish kind.

6. Fish Finger:

Bengali fish fingers offer a well-balanced combination of flavour and texture. The interior texture of the fish, which frequently uses types like Bhetki or Pabda, is light and flaky. Coated in a mixture of spices, such as mustard and turmeric, the coating takes on a crispy quality when fried and is shaped like a finger.

The natural sweetness of the fish and the sharpness of the mustard combine to create a delicious harmony in the flavour profile. When served as an appetiser, these fish fingers capture the spirit of Bengali cooking, honouring the subtle yet powerful tastes that make fish a highly valued ingredient in the area.

7. Macher Dimer Bora:

The beloved Bengali fish, beginning with macher dimer bora, has the unique flavour and texture of fish roe. The texture of the roe egg has a pleasing feel, and its flavour is a subtle blend of savoury and delicate notes. The meal packs a tasty punch—the perfect fusion of mustard, green chillies, and aromatic spices.

Macher dimer bora, which is often made with the roe of katla or other freshwater fish, epitomises Bengali culinary artistry. Deep-fried to a golden crisp, these little fritters are a delicious prelude to a traditional meal, celebrating the essence of fish in Bengali cuisine.