Know These 5 Benefits Of Methi Dana Water
Image Credit: Methi water/ Instagram- healthyhealingwithriya

Fenugreek, also known as methi is an Indian spice that is used to enhance the flavour and aroma of many cuisines. If you soak methi dana, commonly known as fenugreek seeds, in water, you can enjoy a number of health advantages. It is an authentic spice used in most Indian kitchens and a typical household staple. Any recipe could benefit from the amazing scent and flavour of fenugreek seeds, which can also contribute to nutrition. Fenugreek seeds are a good choice for everyone because they contain a high concentration of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It may enhance the flavour of many different dishes and is also linked to health. Methi seed soaked in water also works wonders on your skin and hair. Fenugreek seeds provide a wonderful flavour and scent to vegetables and curries. You can get your daily dose of necessary minerals and vitamins by drinking these seeds after soaking them in water. Wondering how to make methi dana water? 

Well, here's the recipe for it-

1. Take a pan and add some fenugreek seeds to it.

2. Now roast them over a very low flame for a couple of minutes before turning off the flame. 

3. In a mixer add the roasted seeds and process them into a fine powder. 

4. To drink it, add one tsp of this powder to warm water and drink it in the morning. 

Methi dana water/ Instagram- sapraskitchen

1. Regulates Blood Sugar

Your blood sugar levels are controlled by methi water, which is good for your health. By enhancing insulin sensitivity and responsiveness, it may also help with the treatment of insulin resistance. As a result, using it is advantageous for those who have diabetes.

2. Has Antiseptic Properties

Fenugreek water is a potent antiseptic. Regular consumption may aid in reducing gastritis symptoms and enhancing the digestive system. It's recommended to consume it during the cooler seasons. Bloating and water retention are among the symptoms that fenugreek water addresses.

3. Aids Heart Health

Methi water contains natural soluble fibre which is good for the heart. They protect people from heart attacks. It also aids in preventing abnormal blood clotting, which is another factor in heart attacks and strokes. Those with high cholesterol levels should try soaking fenugreek seeds and have them in the morning to lower their cholesterol levels.

4. Regulates Acidity

Fenugreek seeds can be eaten on an empty stomach by those who have acidity issues. Fenugreek seeds soaked in water have the added advantages of lowering acidity and enhancing digestion. Methi dana also possesses a number of anti-inflammatory qualities that may help with heartburn. Drink some fenugreek water if you're feeling acidic and wish to get rid of your queasy feeling.

5. Aids Weight Loss

Methi water satisfies your appetite for a longer period of time. Fenugreek might help you feel full because it is packed with necessary fibres. Regular consumption aids in weight management and keeps you from gorging on unhealthy snacks. Methi dana also prevents stomach bloating hence helping in shedding those extra inches quickly.