Know The Types Of Spatulas You Must Have In Your Kitchen

Cooking is fun, isn’t it? And those who really have a great time experimenting with food, know how important kitchen utensils are. When the kitchen utensils are fully available, it just makes the cooking experience even better. From pans to knives to spatulas, there are so many kitchen essentials we just can’t do without.  

When it comes to stirring, mixing, or folding, the kitchen tool we look for is a spatula. Spatula is a must-have tool in every kitchen and yes, it makes cooking much easier and effortless. But you do know that spatula comes in different types and every type is used for different purposes? Let us tell you some spatula types and their functions.  

Wooden Spatula  

Wooden spatulas don’t break and bent easily and commonly used as they don’t scratch the Teflon. Wooden spatulas are generally used to stir a huge quantity of food. It comes in different sizes and makes cooking easier. Though, you may have to take care a little. It is advised to hang wooden spatulas as they get moldy easily.  

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Stainless Steel Spatula 

It is a commonly found spatula in every kitchen and comes in different sizes and shapes. Though mainly used to saute and fry food, it can be used for other purposes too. These spatulas should not be used with Teflon as it may put scratches on the surface.  

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Rubber Spatula 

This is one of the most popular spatulas and is easily available in the market. Rubber spatula is mostly used to stir the cake dough before it is put into the pan. It is suitable for non-stick Teflon because as it doesn’t damage the surface. But it also needs extra care as it melts if exposed to high heat. 

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Plastic Spatula 

Plastic spatulas are similar to rubber spatulas but are more elastic. It can combine and knead the dough more perfectly. But it too needs care because of its melting property. One should not use plastic spatulas over hot food as when plastic melts, it releases harmful chemicals.  

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Frosting Spatula 

The cake-making process is difficult without a frosting spatula. It is of long and slender shape and is used to put frosting and icing on the cake. Besides, it can also be used to spread jam or sauce over bread. It is mostly available in stainless steel and aluminium metal. 

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So, how many of these spatulas do you have in your kitchen? Do let us know!