Know Of These Calcium Rich Foods That Are Good For Your Bones
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The amount of calcium in your body is enormous. Your bones and teeth are where almost all of this mineral is kept. Your blood and soft tissues contain the remaining 1%.

Calcium-rich meals are essential for developing and maintaining strong bones. It's also a crucial ingredient for maintaining normal cell activity. Your body needs calcium to maintain healthy blood pressure and hormone levels, support muscle and nerve function, and promote cell-to-cell communication.

Almost every action in the body needs calcium. Calcium cannot be produced by the body. Both diet and supplements must include calcium for your body to absorb properly. Additionally, calcium can be found in several drugs, including antacids. For adults, kids, pregnant women, and nursing mothers, 1,300 milligrammes (mg) of calcium is the daily intake that is advised.

The Best Foods High in Calcium To Maintain Strong Bones and Muscles are-

Nuts and seeds

One of the foods with the greatest nutrients per serving is seeds, which are also incredibly high in calcium. Pirkle relies on sesame, chia, sunflower, and poppy seeds in particular to increase her consumption. More than one-third of the daily recommended amount is included in one serving of 1/4 cup of sesame seeds, she claims. Even though you might not be motivated to eat a quarter of a cup of sesame seeds all at once, you can spread your intake out over the day. They are terrific as a salad topping to add some inflammatory crunch and a great addition to a smoothie or your favourite recipe for energy bites to give you a boost before or after working out. All types of nuts include some calcium, but almonds have the highest (246 mg per cup), along with other elements like magnesium.

Green Leafy Vegetables

Since Popeye was well known for pushing the dark leafy green, many of us grew up connecting spinach with having powerful muscles. Although he was undoubtedly right, other members of the family can be just as helpful. To acquire a variety of vitamins and minerals in addition to an excellent source of calcium, try varying the kinds of dark leafy greens you buy for salads, smoothies, and other dishes each week. Turnip greens, on the other hand, provide a double dosage of advantages for promoting bone health as they contain 153 per cent of your daily vitamin K requirements in just one cup. Dandelion greens, for instance, are fantastic for your liver and a rich source of potassium.


One and a half ounces of mozzarella, in particular, has 333 mg of calcium, which is one-third of your daily requirement. In addition to being a delightful addition to Margherita pizza, mozzarella goes well with seasonal salads made with the finest fruits, vegetables, and herbs. To increase your calcium intake even further, try adding some sesame seeds to your favourite pasta bake or a package of spinach to your Caprese salad. Additionally, you are welcome to sprinkle some Parmesan on your salad. " 314 mg of calcium are included in one ounce of parmesan.


Do you prefer a creamy breakfast? To increase your calcium intake, try including yoghurt in your morning meal. The item provides 415 mg of the mineral in an eight-ounce serving of low-fat plain yoghurt, making it one of the greatest sources available. To further improve your heart health, look for yoghurt that is probiotic-rich; it will taste great on its own, in smoothies, overnight oats, or when combined with chopped nuts and berries for a magnesium-rich evening snack.

Soy Foods

We all know that tofu and other foods containing soy are fantastic sources of plant-based protein. Tofu also contains 61 mg of calcium per serving, and many types have been fortified with additional calcium for an even greater calcium intake. Iron and ALA omega-3s, which further support a healthy heart and aid in the reduction of inflammation, are also present in tofu. Tofu's adaptability is yet another fantastic quality. Try it in a stir-fry or make a ricotta substitute out of it. To get a calcium boost in the morning, blend it in a smoothie or use it in place of scrambled eggs.