Know Of These 5 Delicious Ways To Use Leftover Aloo Sabzi?
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The potato is a versatile vegetable that is loved and relished by people of all ages. Potato is commonly used in every Indian kitchen. It can be used to prepare delightful snacks as well as a variety of veggie dishes. From aloo bhaji to aloo rassedaar, dum aloo to jeere wale aloo, this vegetable never fails to disappoint anyone. Sabzis made from potatoes are often served for lunch or dinner in Indian homes, but sometimes they are made in large quantities, which might lead to leftovers. Do you know that by showing some creativity and adding some other ingredients, you can spruce up the left-over potato sabzis to make delicious dishes? Here are some tasty ideas to implement and make mouthwatering dishes with leftover aloo sabzi.

Aloo Frankie

Use leftover aloo ki sabzi, spices, lemon juice, chutney, and chopped onions to make a delectable aloo frankie. Prepare a paratha, and top it with chopped onions, chutney, and sabzi. Have it for breakfast or tea by rolling it up. For an added kick, you can even add cheese. This is the easiest way you can use the leftover aloo sabzi.

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We might all love pooris when there is a special lunch or dinner at home. The leftover aloo sabzi can be used to make masala pooris. All you have to do is mash the leftover aloo sabzi and mix it with the wheat dough. Prepare the dough and season it with salt and other ingredients to taste. You can use this dough to make delectable aloo masala pooris, which can be enjoyed with pickles or raita of your choice.