Know How Black Lemons Imparts The Earthy And Zesty Flavours

Black lemons are little limes that have been blanched in saltwater and dried until they are shriveled, brittle, light, and a dusty black colour. They are known in the Middle East as loomi and limo Omani (they originated in Oman), and occasionally referred to as dried lime or dried lemon. They play a crucial role in various Middle Eastern recipes by contributing a particularly sour flavour. 

The loomi limes, which are grown in the Persian Gulf region and extensively used in regional cuisine, are used to make dried black lemons. They grow up throughout South Asia and the Mediterranean region. With a flavour that is highly fragrant, slightly bitter, earthy, smokey, and slightly fermented they impart acidity to the food. 

Ground and whole black limes are both used is cooking. In order to add entire limes to various stews, soups, tagines, or braises, first wash them. Then pierce them several times with a fork or tiny knife. By passing through the holes, the hot liquid from these dishes will extract the sweet-tart flavours of the lime while also softening it. Before serving, dispose of the fruit. 

You can either purchase pre-ground black lime, which occasionally tastes bitter due to the seeds, or you can grind up whole limes in a spice grinder (and first remove the seeds). The powder can be used on its own or as one of the elements in a spice rub for seafood, meats, and poultry. For an acidic boost, it can be included whenever fresh lime zest is used while cooking rice, including the liquids. 

Process of making black lemon 

To start, get lemons from surrounding farmers in many Andhra Pradesh districts, including Kadapa, Gudur(Nellore), and Chittoor.  

Lemons are dried in two different ways, first by being exposed to the sun for two months, and then by being put in iron crates and heated in steam boilers. 

Once more, the dried black lemons are shaded for three to four days. 

Black lemons are hand graded according to their size, shape, and texture, and any defective and rotting lemons are removed. 

In plastic polythene bags weighing approximately 25 kilogram, round, shiny kala Nimbu are packaged before being sold to gulf nations. 

For up to two years, keep whole black limes in a dry, airtight container. Throw away any that exhibit mould growth. Only retain ground lime for as long as it continues to provide flavour (often from a few months to up to a year), as it loses flavour and scent much more quickly.